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Steffy Forrester Makes “Bold” Mistake!

The honeymoon between Liam and Steffy could soon be over on "The Bold and the Beautiful."

HOLLYWOOD—Well I saw this coming miles away on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” when Ivy decided to delete the video footage of Steffy whacking their cousin Aly with a tire iron resulting in her death. Ivy was only driven to delete the footage after her new flame Wyatt pleaded for her to do so. Of course, this led to Steffy rejoicing and falling back into her wicked ways. I must say Ivy is right, this is a woman who gets away with everything, but what she did to her cousin this week will likely lead to her downfall.

Steffy chose to reclaim her title as the new face of Forrester Creations and then decided to fire Ivy from the company. Yep, this didn’t bode well with Ivy or Wyatt. As usual Steffy gloated, and Liam backed her. I’m so SICK and TIRED of his self-righteous ego. These are the types of characters that annoy the hell out of me in the soap opera arena. You are capable of doing wrong, Liam; even if you think it’s not possible. This bold move is certain to come back to haunt Steffy and all the people she loves. If she honestly thinks Ivy didn’t have a back-up file of the video, she’s wrong. I’m almost certain Ivy only planned to utilize this if Steffy went back on their deal.

Expect Ivy to make an even bolder decision in the coming weeks and that the video footage is likely to air during a public event that will rock Steffy and Forrester Creations in ways no one ever expected. Why? Wyatt proposed starting his own fashion house with the help of his father Bill, and his wife Katie. Oh, this is so good. Bill would want nothing more than to wipe that smirk off of Ridge’s face, and we all know what Bill Spencer wants he tends to get. With Katie backing him, Ridge won’t be a happy camper when he learns the news.

Speaking of Ridge, he and Caroline are back on, but there is one big problem: she cheated on him. What’s worse, she cheated on her hubby with his son, Thomas. Yeah, can you imagine how Ridge will react when he learns his fiancé cheated on him with his son? I guess what goes around comes around. Ridge did put the moves on his brother’s wife, so it’s only fitting he feels a bit of the heat.

Thomas is emotionally losing his marbles. The woman he wants to be with has no interest in him whatsoever. She wants to be with his father and she feels some kind of way over their little dalliance when she was drunk and doped on anxiety pills. Did Thomas go too far? Possibly, I mean he knew his friend was in bad shape so to make the moves, even while drunk, was not the smartest thing to do.

To make matters worse, Ridge decided to propose to Caroline, so they’re engaged and he plans to start a family with his fiancé even though it’s something he doesn’t want to do. Ridge, there is one more problem, you had a vasectomy. When Brooke egged on her former lover to break the news to Caroline, he went into a rage. This is just what Brooke wants, to get back with the only guy she has ever truly loved. I mean, did anyone think that Ridge and Caroline would last? We can see this coming from miles away, Caroline will end up pregnant and the baby will indeed be the spawn of Thomas. Ridge will know the child is not his as he hasn’t had his vasectomy reversed.

Fireworks are indeed coming to the Angelinos who work and mingle at Forrester Creations, and it’s a welcome change. Can you imagine what Ridge, Thorne, Eric, Brooke and the rest of the clan will do when they learn the truth about Aly’s death and the fact that at least 5 people knew about it and refused to share details? Hell is going to break loose, and a family is about to be shattered when some game-changing secrets surface. “The Bold and the Beautiful” is indeed making all the right moves to prepare for the always glorious November sweeps.

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