HOLLYWOOD—Well, that happened a lot sooner than later on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I knew Zende was attracted to Luna and was making a play for her, but jeez, that happened much faster after Luna indulged in a few of Poppy’s ‘special mints.’ Yeah, those mints caused Luna to get high and she slept with Zende as a result. She thought she was looking at RJ, but that was not the case.

Now, I will admit this incident has shades of Caroline and Thomas all over again, where one was not fully coherent to be able to give consent and it does make me question if Zende took advantage of Luna knowing that she was fully in a committed relationship. Are there a bit more sparks with Zende and Luna compared to Luna and RJ? Yeah, I must admit there are, and with all the drama surrounding Poppy, Li will get confirmation that her niece is just as bad as her sister as this secret is bound to come out.

Hate to say it, but it is indeed fun to see a bit of friction with RJ and Luna’s relationship because you cannot be happy 24/7. I mean they bonded even more during Eric’s medical crisis so this is a welcome change, recently took their relationship to the next level and now this scandal. Yeah, it is about to thrust Zende into an arena that he preferred to steer from. I am curious to see how the writers handle this tale because it feels dicey when you’re dealing with issues of consent, especially after Luna realized she may have been high on drugs when she slept with Zende.

Making the situation worse is the fact that Zende was well aware that Luna was in a relationship with his cousin RJ, so why go after someone if you know they are already spoken for? Zende is going to have to answer for his actions, and I believe Ridge, Brooke, Poppy and RJ will have plenty of questions they would like to have answered.

In other “Bold and Beautiful” news I am starting to think I may have been wrong about Bill Spencer being the father of Luna. The more I think about it, it is crystal clear that Bill being the father is just way too easy, so it begs the question, who is the father, and the obvious answer would be Jack, Li’s husband. If that were to be the case, that would be the second time, yes, the second time that Jack has betrayed Li. First, sleeping with Sheila and being the father to Finn, and now sleeping with her sister, and being the father to Luna.

If that is the case, and considering how cagey Poppy is being with telling Luna the truth about her father, I fear this might be the outcome and it is a messy one at that to say the least. It proves Li’s vicious venom she has had for her sister from the moment that she arrived in town is accurate and that’s going to be awkward for Finn to discover he has a sister that he has known as his cousin for years.

In some happier news, Eric and Donna tied the knot during his impromptu celebration at the Forrester mansion after getting a clean bill of health from Finn. It was a sweet moment and I must admit, if Eric cannot be with his true love, Stephanie Forrester, Donna is the next best thing. I would argue Quinn, but her cheating on Eric with Carter just left a sour taste in my mouth. Like how can these guys be besties after what unfolded; it is just poor writing. Middle of February Sweeps here and “B&B” doesn’t have a tale that has blown my socks off.