HOLLYWOOD—The latest episode of “Stranger Things,” ‘The Weirdo on Maple Street” begins with Mike, Lucas and Dustin having brought the mysterious girl to Mike’s house and things continue to get stranger and scarier.

Mike gives the girl clean clothes and plans on hiding her at his house for the night. Dustin and Lucas are not pleased that they are keeping her hidden from the adults. Mike tries to talk to her and notices the “011” tattoo on her wrist. He asks what that means and she points to herself again, so he nicknames her “Elle.”

At Joyce’s house Chief Hopper arrives six hours after Joyce received the mysterious phone call in episode one. Hopper plays it off as a trick of the storm that happened and says he is going to check out Lonnie’s, Will’s father, place. Outside Jonathan tries to convince Hopper to let him go to Lonnie’s instead.

Mike sneaks some food to Eleven and tries to convince her that his mom will get her help. Eleven says no, and Mike figures out she is in trouble with bad people who, Eleven simulates, will kill both of them if they find her.

The love story continues at Hawkins High School as Steve tries to convince Nancy to come to a party at his house while his parents are out of town. It is the stereotypical story of Nancy, the good girl who falls for the “cool” guy. The group notices Jonathan hanging up a missing poster for Will and it is apparent he is an outcast. Nancy is nice enough to give Jonathan her sentiments about Will’s disappearance.

Mike tours Eleven around his house and she is unfamiliar with everything that a normal person would know about, like privacy or furniture. Joyce heads to the general store where she works and asks for a new telephone and two weeks advance pay. Now that Joyce’s house is empty the leader of the men in suits shows up in radiation attire with others to scan the area and finds a strange substance growing in the shed.

In Mike’s room, Eleven notices a picture of all four boys and points to Will. Before Mike can find out if she knows Will his mom gets home and Eleven has to hide in the closet. Eleven’s thoughts travel back to a time when two men in white suits were dragging her down a hallway. The white-haired man is watching as she looks at him yelling papa. Is the leader in the suit Eleven’s father?

Joyce hooks up her new telephone and pulls a chair closer to the wall so she can sit with the telephone. Hopper gets a call to head over to Benny’s Diner. This is the place where Eleven had been hiding in episode one, and the men in suits set it up to look like Benny had committed suicide.

Dustin and Lucas arrive at Mike’s unhappy that Eleven is still hiding there. When Mike tells them that she might know Will, Lucas confronts her and then tries to go tell an adult about her. Eleven uses her mind to slam and lock the door on Lucas and tells him no as her nose starts to bleed. Jonathan also ditched school to see if Will was hiding at Lonnie’s. No Will and no love between this father and son.

Hopper questions a witness about Benny’s behavior prior to his suicide. The witness had seen a kid, who we know was Eleven, at the diner. Hopper immediately thinks that the kid was Will and plans on following this lead. A search party is set up outside of the diner and in the woods a tag is found outside a pipe that leads to the Hawkins National Laboratory.

Eleven uses the role playing figurines to show the boys that she knows Will, the bad people are not after Will, and that Will is hiding from a monster. Nancy is able to convince her friend Barb to come to Steve’s party with her. Out in the woods, Jonathan is taking pictures where Will went missing. He hears screams that he follows, but it just turns out to be Steve’s party. Jonathan hides in the woods and begins to take pictures of the party where Barb accidentally cuts her finger.

At Jonathan’s home, the new telephone rings in Joyce’s lap and it is a similar call to the night before. After the phone shocks Joyce with electricity, the lights flicker down the hallway and music begins to blare from Will’s empty room. This feels like a scene from “A Nightmare on Elm Street” movie, especially when some monster starts to push at the wall from the outside.

At Steve’s, Nancy tells Barb to go home, because she is fine. As hormones start to get the better of Steve and Nancy in his room, Barb sits by the pool and Jonathan stops taking pictures for a moment to fix his camera. Bad timing, because as Barb’s blood drips into the pool, the lights go out and the monster snatches her.

Have a good night’s sleep now, horror fanatics, and make sure nothing strange calls you tonight!