HOLLYWOOD—So we have reached episode six of the final season of “Succession.” For those not in the know last week, Shiv was responsible for making that power move with Lucas to seal the Mattson deal much to Kendall and Roman’s dismay. I seriously want to see Lucas and Shiv hookup; they have chemistry that just oozes off the small screen.

This week’s episode, ‘Living+’ witnessed Carl, Gerri, Kendall, Tom, Roman, Frank and Shiv chatting about the deal with Mattson that involves Lucas and his kooky hijinks, however, it was apparent to Shiv her brothers were not holding true to their word and she called them out on it. I think Shiv is my favorite character because she is so blunt, as she called them out on trying to kill the deal, which she absolutely knows; these two bozos need to stop lying.

It is clear out of the three kids; Shiv should be the chosen one to run Logan Roy’s empire. She is cutthroat like her father and not afraid to make the right moves to ensure success. She was crying a bit, as Tom and Greg interrupted her moment. Darn, I did not expect to see Shiv and Tom making out after all the friction that has been building between them. I did not see this Tom and Shiv rekindling people because it just feels so odd, but it feel like this marriage that felt all, but over, might get a second chance.

Kendall and Roman continued to push the plan to tank the deal with Lucas and Mattson by increasing the price even more. Shiv already called her brothers out on the antics and they are still up to no good. Gerri called Roman out on firing Joy without consulting with legal because it is turning into a legal situation. Mistakes, mistakes are being made left and right people by Roman and Kendall people.

Gerri and Roman had a war of words, as he puffed out his chest and dropped a bomb by firing Gerri. Whoa, that was damn massive , and he was sweating people, as he broke the news to Kendall who seemed ok with the move, but was a bit flippant. Jeez, these two buffoons are making mistakes left and right. The power is indeed going to their heads. Yeah, Shiv and Tom are back on after having sex.

Kendall did his best to reassure Pete to make an argument of the numbers ploy that he is pushing for the business, even though Pete was hesitant. Shiv informed Lucas of the situation involving the possible deal at play, just as Kendall was happy to see his vision starting to come to light for the stage, but the clouds were not clicking. Shiv called Kendall’s play a piece of trash; yeah, at least she was being blunt compared to Roman who didn’t want to hurt her brother’s feelings. Kendall does crack under pressure. Roman spilled to Kendall he was not keen on pitching playhouses to the public, as Kendall sulked a bit. Carl made it clear to Kendall that if he screws over Logan Roy’s deal, he would not tolerate it. Yeah, the cutthroat antics are coming out and no one is pulling any punches, not at all. I’m secretly rooting for Kendall, I just hope he doesn’t crack under the pressure people.

It was so awkward watching this scene on TV; it was awkward, it was channel turning and it was hard seeing Kendall slightly cave to the pressure. A video of Logan Roy appeared on the screen, but the momentum started to build for Kendall as he branded the new business venture Living+. Lucas was not happy with what Kendall was pushing and let Shiv know his thoughts, as Kendall continued to promise things that Living+ may not be able to deliver on.

Kendall was thrown off when an audience member asked him about Lucas’ tweet about his new business venture. Did it frazzle Kendall a bit? Yes, but he continued to push forward without allowing his emotions to get the best of him. Shiv warned Lucas to tone it down a bit. The ass kissing in the business arena is highlighted more than you can imagine on “Succession,” as it became clear it was a bit too much for Roman, as he replayed a video of his father telling him he constantly gets it wrong. That was before Kendall took a dip in the ocean to unleash any stress that was weighing on him. The audience knows next week that Lucas makes an impromptu visit to a Roy celebration that creates unnecessary tension. Until Sunday “Succession” lovers!