HOLLYWOOD—Logan Roy found himself outmaneuvered by his children during the season four premiere of “Succession.” This week’s episode, ‘Rehearsal’ witnessed Logan foul-mouthed more than ever, as Roman, Shiv and Kendall pondered various types of programming that would be intriguing to viewers. Shiv learned Tom was up to no good yet again, as it appears this marriage is about to become downright nasty. Tom really is indeed Logan’s lapdog. Whatever Logan says, Tom will do. Even addressing the workers at the company at the bequest of Logan himself who argued that the numbers are not great and things have to change as he wants to decimate the competition in all avenues no matter what it takes.

Once again, Brian Cox is superb in the role. I cannot imagine anyone else in such a vivacious and commanding character. The kids were stunned to learn from Logan that he was no longer allowing them to utilize the helicopter as a form of transportation. Logan Roy is the type of boss that would leave you shaking in your boots because every move he makes is so calculated.

The decision to stab Logan in the back yet again was not promising for Roman and Kendall at the start of the episode, but that would soon change by the end. Why? It means they might find themselves disinherited. On the flipside, Shiv is hoping to make something happen with her brothers to help give them the majority with Sandi and Stewy, but Kendall and Roman were not budging.

So much for Connor getting married as it became apparent that he is about to be a groom without a bride. Greg is constantly on his tip toes when it comes to Logan, who shared that he is concerned about Carrie’s performance on the small screen, which was not impressive. That forced Tom to take the reins of making a decision that is going to have ripple effects. Kendall received a call from Lucas about a potential deal and let’s say that phone conversation left Kendall rattled and leaning in the direction of agreeing with Shiv about making that power move against dear ole dad.

Tom tasked Greg with having to break the news to Carrie about her TV reviews. Greg was squirming about making the move, so was Tom! Shiv and Kendall got concerned when Roman received a text from their father, and if only Roman knew Kendall was making the move for personal gain. Roman, Kendall and Shiv were not pleased to learn from Connor that Logan wanted to have a meeting with his children, and actually entered the club to make that meeting happen with Carrie in tow.

Kendall and Shiv made jokes about Logan showing a bit of compassion and ACTUALLY apologizing to his children for his shortcomings. It was intense; it was charismatic and so enthralling to watch. Shiv unleashed a bit of rage, Kendall showed some sympathy and Logan did his best at a mea culpa with his family, but it fell on deaf ears as dear ole dad resorted to his vicious insults.

However, that would all change during the final moments of the episode, as Logan utilized a bit of psychology to give his middle child the one thing he’s always wanted: LOVE FROM HIS FATHER! Wait, so Roman is actually considering Logan’s offer! Oh, Shiv and Kendall are not going to be happy about this betrayal people. Logan is going all he can to lure one of his children back to the empire and it looks like Roman is the weak link. Until next Sunday “Succession” love birds!