HOLLYWOOD—Well last week, after what seemed like a lifetime, Mike Ross finally got his get out of jail free card after pulling a crafty con to say the least. However, just because Mike is no longer behind bars, doesn’t mean all is well at Pearson, Specter and Litt. The summer finale of “Suits” delivered quite a few surprises for fans of the series.

The episode titled ‘P.S.L.’ kicked off with Harvey and Mike celebrating his release from prison. Harvey offered Mike a consulting gig at the firm, which left Mike in a state of disarray feeling guilty about the ripple effects of his actions to the firm. Wow, this is a first, we get a flashback to Jessica’s childhood, where her parents bickered and a divorce became a reality for this legal titan.

Just when things were looking good for the firm, Robert dropped the bomb that one of their ONLY clients is looking to jump ship. Harvey per usual bickered about having to do something he didn’t want to do as Jessica made her stance quite clear. Harvey had an in-person meeting with Jim Reynolds to convince him to stay with Pearson, Specter and Litt.

I was living finally seeing Jessica Pearson in the courtroom showcasing her prowess and authority as a legal expert who is not afraid to light the fire under those who frown upon the justice system. Gosh, this Sutter case is having more repercussions than I ever expected. Mike gave Rachel some solid advice to help her with her case, and Louis got the shock of his life when he learned that his girlfriend is pregnant, but he’s not the father of the child. Man, the fact that he was willing to stick by her side in the midst of this ‘scandal’ if you want to call it shows that Louis has matured quite a bit.

When the opportunity presented Leonard Bailey the chance to tell his side of the story, he ran with it. Would Rachel rise to the occasion in the midst of pressure? Well, Rachel proved that the ability to show compassion as a lawyer is one tool that most attorneys fail to acknowledge. Tugging on the tears of the jury is always a way to turn a case in the right direction.

Harvey proved that if you come after him, he’ll do anything to prove that is legal edge is one of the best in the country. Rachel’s ability to remember distinct wording for the victim’s father, who may have paid off the junkie, Maria Gomez in Leonard’s case to keep her quiet! Louis was not happy to learn that Stu was vacating the space that his company was leasing from the firm. Gotcha! Rachel and Mike caught the plaintiff in a lie that could totally change the outcome of this case. Donna realized that Louis was not in a good mental space, and became an ear to lean on.

Jessica was livid to learn Mike and Rachel confronted the father of the victim, but she refused, but the power of persuasion continues to work. Jessica was placed in a tough spot, choose the firm or focus on Leonard’s case, and must I say I’m impressed Jessica stood her ground and focused on her case. Under Jessica’s constant aggression, the witness snapped on the stage and confessed the truth. Man this was a case that I was heavily invested in, with a result that left a major smile on my face. Robert gave Jessica an ace by considering a merge with her firm and his, but her integrity was much more important.

As usual, Louis and Harvey dropped a bomb to save the firm by utilizing Stu to maintain their top client and send the enemy to scurry in a fury. The final moments of the show made it clear all those flashbacks in the beginning about Jessica was a sign; she wants to step down from the firm! What the hell? No, no, no, no, no, Jessica can’t leave the firm; she’s the heart of it!

I can’t even imagine “Suits” without Jessica’s presence. I mean we need a feisty attorney to be the sane voice of reason! What? Louis proposed to Tara who accepted his proposal. Shock, after shock, people, while this was a summer finale, it almost felt like a series finale in so many ways. Jessica stopped by the home of her old flame to rekindle that relationship in Chicago of all places. Man this looks official, Jessica is truly out at Pearson, Specter and Litt, and I thought Mike going to prison was the worst thing that ever happened to the firm. “Suits” returns with new episodes Winter 2017.