HOLLYWOOD—Normally, one would expect massive fireworks on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” during November sweeps, but things have been slightly calm in my opinion. Why is that? Well, this is a soap that lights the match that slowly burns until it explodes, and when it does, watch out.

Ridge and Caroline have vowed to keep things private about the fact that she is carrying Thomas’ baby not Ridge’s. Keeping such a secret might prove difficult when you have the prying ears of Liam and Brooke. Brooke is well aware that Ridge had a vasectomy so it’s not possible for him to get his wife preggers, which means someone else is the baby daddy. Caroline is such a wreck every time Thomas walks into a room she nearly loses it. How in the world is no one else able to see this?

Looks like Liam knows that little secret and will pry himself into some drama where his opinion will not matter. In the past he’s gotten away with such things, but I’m almost certain if he blows the whistle on the secret, Ridge will make Liam’s life a living hell, which means a battle royale could ensue between Bill and Ridge that will be epic to say the least.

Thomas, while shipped off to Paris, has found his way back to Los Angeles and it’s only a matter of time before he puts the pieces to the puzzle together to learn that Caroline is carrying his baby not his father’s. Trust me, Ridge has wanted to unleash hell on Thomas, but has been calm, but when the baby bombshell is revealed expected father and son to go to war.

Speaking of Thomas, it looks like his wild boy behavior is still in feverish gear as he suddenly has the hots for Ivy, who happens to be his cousin. That’s kinda creepy in my opinion, which means Wyatt is going to have to do battle for the new love in his love. I’m just counting the seconds until Hope Logan resurfaces and shatters the lives of Wyatt, Liam, Ivy and Steffy. To be honest, I’d love to see hope remerge just to knock Steffy off her socks. That woman has both Spencer brothers wrapped around her fingers in ways that are difficult to express in words.

Liam has his own problems as he has decided to pop the question to Steffy yet again. Trust me no wedding ever turns out happily ever after in the soap world. I’m expecting some surprises come February sweeps on “The Bold and the Beautiful” some major ones to leaves fans shocked!

The other big drama circulating at Forrester Creations is Rick and Maya’s surrogacy plans for Nicole. Just when the audience suspects Nicole will go through with the plan, her parents arrive in town fighting hell to prevent such a thing from happening. While everyone is happy to celebrate Rick and Maya love, even Eric and Brooke think the idea of Nicole who is in a burgeoning relationship with Zende is too young to carry a child. Part of me says Maya knows she is being selfish, but frankly is so desperate for a baby that she’ll do anything.

Why do I have the feeling that a familiar storyline is on the horizon? Trust me if I have to explain to you what that is, you obviously don’t watch many soaps. Nicole is pregnant, but my instinct suspects that things are not as they seem. With Julius making his voice heard throughout LA, viewers can plan to see many more fireworks in the coming weeks. I expect so many more shocks on “The Bold and the Beautiful” for November sweeps. Well, it looks like fans might have to wait until February before any serious fireworks explode!