HOLLYWOOD—I think I can finally make the assessment that this week’s episode of “Survivor” FINALLY gave us an actual merge and Tribal Council with 10 players remaining in the game, after last week’s boot. This week’s episode, ‘Don’t Get Cocky Kid’ saw the aftermath of the vote where it was apparent it was Soka vs. Ratu with Tika in the middle.

Carson, Yam Yam and Carolyn easily picked up their trio is very powerful in the game. While Kane was a bit cocky and that has me worried for his future and the members of Ratu, as another twist came to play. The players are competing in pairs. Please for just one got damn episode, let’s have no twists! Let the game play organically. The group of 10 split into 5 groups of 2.

Heidi thinks by buttering up to Yam Yam she would be in a good position, not so sure about that. I don’t like this Immunity Challenge. It’s not fair, when you’re in the tribe, that’s fine and dandy, but when you get to the merge portion of the game your fate should be completely determined by you and no one else. I think a similar challenge like this unfolded last season and I was not a fan of it. Carolyn struggled in that twisted tunnel and she and Carson did not make it to the next round, where only 2 pairs (four people will move onto the final round).

Kane and Brandon are looking like actual beasts here people. Lauren and Danny also completed the challenge. This means its Ratu vs. Soka yet again, the only difference is Danny is the sole Soka. This foot hole is all about endurance, stamina and focus. Jeff Probst once again is talking nonstop. Damn, I just wish one episode the only time Jeff speaks is when he has to. The constant talking during a challenge boils my blood and as a contestant I would want to tell him to shut up.

Danny, Lauren, Kane and Brandon, all made it past the first and second round, but round three got a bit difficult as the plank became even narrower, and Kane’s composure couldn’t last, soon followed by Brandon. So it was Lauren vs. Danny, and he unleashed a bit of gas that got a gaggle of laughs from everyone people. That might have been a first on “Survivor” that I can recall. This challenge is going to the final stage and it’s all about who wants it most, and it was Lauren who was ecstatic, after Danny dropped.

I was so happy for Lauren people, and now it is time for the battle to erupt. Danny wanted to take someone from Ratu out, which is smart; I just don’t understand his vendetta against Lauren. Dude, don’t become obsessed like Stephen Fishbach with Joe Anglim in “Survivor: Cambodia.” As Va Va returned to camp, Danny started to plant seeds about going after Ratu (meaning Brandon, Kane or Jaime), with Brandon and Kane wanting to target Frannie, but he made a mistake thinking Carson was a number for him.

It is not going to be Frannie people, it is way too obvious, and seeing Heidi and Danny aligning to try to make a big move, and Danny told her he had his idol and he was willing to take out Brandon in a blindside. Heidi’s goal was to blindside Brandon, but Yam Yam was worried and wanted to talk to Carson, which Heidi interrupted. They voiced their concerns about creating enemies, Heidi revealed that Danny has an idol, but Yam Yam was looking like he was ready to play dirty and I like this; I love it. I want to see Yam Yam playing the game and making a move that blows this game sky high.

Danny didn’t want Yam Yam to know about the plan, but Carson spilled that tea and it worried Danny to the core. This is the type of gameplay I want to see people. I would love it, if Jaime got a whiff of what was going on and played her idol for Brandon. Chaos could ensue! I really feel like these Tribal Councils are being rushed this season, which I don’t love. Carolyn spilled tea about Lauren and Danny being enemies, just as Yam Yam revealed knowing what is taking place behind the scenes to stay up to date in the game. Why all the questions for Heidi? There are other players on Va Va. A majority vote that tells me something is not likely transpiring. Three to four times already Heidi has been the focal point people, please tell me why. I love this TC music, so ominous and haunting.

Are we about to get our second idol play of the game tonight? It was as Danny played his idol for Frannie, which resulted in Frannie getting the bulk of the votes, and the blindside of Brandon, and Yam Yam didn’t spill the tea. Yeah, it was a blindside as Brandon didn’t see that coming. However, you can tell Jaime and Lauren was seething, as Yam Yam did a bit too much acting. I can tell that Tika will be swapping their vote next week to take out a Soka to continue to play both sides.

The only problem now is that it’s evenly split against all 3 former tribes. No one is more powerful than the other. The only caveat is that Carolyn has an idol that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT. Jaime has an idol also, so If anything those two are safe next week, which means it is all about which tribe wants to align with who, so Yam Yam, Carson and Carolyn better get their stories straight.

One thing for sure, Carson and Yam Yam have their cover as they voted for Frannie, Carolyn not so much. The war is now on, Danny is in the hot seat, and Yam Yam has a grudge to grind. We’re at nine, and I think next week’s vote might be an epic one people.