HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s so called merge wasn’t actually the merge on “Survivor.” This week’s episode, ‘Let’s Not Be Cute About It” actually saw the merge in full-force as alliances shifted and we got our first taste of which tribes are attempting to work together and who our targets could be moving forward. Yam Yam was happy to still be in the game and made jokes as a way to lighten the mood. The next day, Matt and Frannie once again refuse to separate from one another, and at this point I’m sick of these two. Matt is totally getting the dodo edit.

Brandon was trying to figure out who had the idol, and while speaking with Matt, guess what, Matt realized he has a fake idol. Took you such a long time Matt to figure it out, Danny played you like a fiddle and if you weren’t so caught up in Frannie you would know what’s up. Kane and Yam Yam also learned those details. Danny is trying to make moves and told Carson, Heidi, Kane about targeting Lauren because she has two votes. Matt, Kane, Frannie and Carson chatted about targeting Danny who thinks he’s the power player. Tika is indeed in a great spot people. However, if Jeff Probst and the “Survivor” producers weren’t constantly trying to introduce twists in the game, this could have been a fun episode.

Nope. We get another twist, breaking this newly minted merge into two groups of 5, with 1 person sitting out. Person lasting the longest on each team earn immunity. Wait there is more, the longest lasting player gives the entire team immunity, but those 5 players will not vote (safety without power). This is a stupid twist. I’m sorry Jeff constantly throwing in these twists are screwing up the game completely. Carson was sitting out the challenge. It was all about balance, and he choose to join the orange tribe.

Carolyn was the first one out, followed by Lauren, then Kane and Heidi, with only Frannie lasting giving her immunity. If Frannie drops, the purple team wins no matter what. Jaime dropped, leaving Yam Yam, Matt and Brandon. Matt and Yam Yam struggled, but it was all Brandon and Frannie, both are safe, but, Brandon dropped giving orange’s entire team immunity. Damn this could have been an interesting Tribal Council if the entire other team wasn’t safe. Making things even crazier the other tribe who is headed to TC cannot return to the old beach.

Yeah, this twist is beyond stupid and completely torched gameplay. Va Va is a stupid name for this merged tribe. I swear I am starting to lose interest in this season the last 3 episodes have been duds if I’m being honest. Doesn’t matter if you guys want Matt to stay, ya’ll don’t have a vote. Carolyn was worried about Yam Yam, but hopefully there is another twist that could change the game possibly people. Brandon is under the guise that Jaime, him and Lauren are a trio. Matt tried to flip Brandon and Jaime to align with him.

Yam Yam revealed to Lauren that Danny wanted her out because of her two votes. Which means if Lauren utilizes her two votes and Yam Yam that gives her 3 votes. She wants to break up that duo and it’s smart. However, back at Va Va there was a note: a new advantage locked in the cage, but tons of keys are scattered throughout the jungle. Only 1 key will work, this sucks because it immediately puts a target on your back. We spent all this episode on key hunting? In the end it was Heidi who obtained the Control the Vote Advantage, where she can force 1 player to vote the way she wants them to vote.

It is apparent that Heidi is trying to save Yam Yam and Matt, meaning she is Danny’s puppet. Girl make a move for yourself! This episode is really boiling my blood because the twists are stifling gameplay massively, and this could have been an epic TC if the producers would have let the game play out organically. Yam Yam and Matt thought about splitting their vote and offering a Lauren blindside, which could be fun. However, Jaime was concerned about causing a ripple at Soka by sending Matt out. Hmm, Lauren’s confidence worries me. Frannie was ecstatic and wanted to send Lauren out, Carolyn was happy to hear Yam Yam might be safe.

What Heidi is starting to play for herself telling Kane that Matt is too close to Frannie and that it would cause a problem? Frannie was frazzled with what is odd, and Heidi realized that Yam Yam could be an advantage to her game whereas Matt is not. Yeah, gain friends not enemies. Now, I’m back excited a bit. This feels like this could be a good Tribal Council because it is starting while we still have 15 minutes left in the game. I will admit this is a twist that “Survivor” SHOULD NEVER DO AGAIN, it totally screwed up what could have been one of the best or most exciting TCs ever.

Matt was hoping someone brought his bag, but nope. It was an awkward and embarrassing moment. Lauren brought up a great point that a ton of advantages can impact how this vote erupts. Matt gives off nervous energy. Yam Yam is exciting player, but he noted that Matt is better for a ton of people’s game. Very strong point. Jeff is really doing too much, and is making it so clear this is either a Matt or Yam Yam vote, where is the secrecy, the chaos, the mayhem. OMG, this feels like a therapy session, I want to see gameplay, not therapy.

The vote, Heidi announced that she forces one of the players to vote the way she wants them to vote, and she took Lauren’s vote and forced her to vote for Yam Yam. Lauren made it clear she had a second vote and she planned to utilize it. Slightly excited here people, as Matt got the boot and Yam Yam was stunned he was safe, but Frannie was devastated. Could a big move be made next week? Possibly, we have to wait and see until next week “Survivor” fanatics!