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“Survivor 45” Recap: ‘Sword Of Damocles’

Jeff Probst tried to liven up a dull Tribal Council in the latest episode of "Survivor."

HOLLYWOOD—I did enjoy last week’s episode of “Survivor 45,” but if there is anything I hate it is a steamroll, and it is starting to feel like that right now. This week’s episode, based on the title alone screamed that that line came from Drew of all people. Kendra was reeling, and I mean reeling from the blindside she was dealt courtesy of the Reba tribe (Julie, Drew, Austin and Dee), just as Bruce was wallowing in the realization that he’s at the bottom and Kellie didn’t see him as an asset to her game.

The more Drew talks the more annoying he becomes; it is almost as if he doesn’t realize he doesn’t control everything, even though he gives off those vibes. However, one thing that is crystal clear is that cracks are definitely forming in the Reba alliance. Dee and Austin are quite tight, Julie is starting to think about her own game, and Drew is Drew.

I think Drew and Austin did a terrible and I mean terrible job of trying to convince Emily she is with them. When she threw out the idea of taking out Dee, they both told her in so many words, yeah, we won’t be doing that and it confirmed for Emily that she is at the bottom of the five, a spot she adamantly doesn’t want to be in. As a result, we can expect Emily to really consider making her own moves moving forward to have more leverage to get to the end. She absolutely realizes Dee is a major threat, and Dee is becoming more like Drew where they have this belief they’re untouchable.

Never a good thing to think that way in the game of “Survivor” at all. Tree mail had everyone running scared as they realized something was about to change the game. They had to divide themselves into 3 groups of three and Drew per usual took control trying to ensure the numbers were on his side. Why no one fought that and point out perhaps we should draw or hello, producers, just make them select rocks so it is fair and balanced.

The Immunity Challenge was a team challenge, broken into 3 parts. The team that lost the first part would lose their vote at the upcoming Tribal Council. Again, votes being taken away at Tribal is truly stifling the gameplay this season in my opinion. Especially if you’re going to take a person’s vote, only for them to earn the vote back if they complete a task. Ok, what’s the point of taking the vote then?

The Immunity Challenge came down to Kendra, Bruce and Julie and once again Julie and Bruce were battling it out for the ultimate power, but Bruce earned his second consecutive Immunity Challenge meaning you can’t vote him out, so it was either Jake or Kendra. Why wasn’t Reba brought up? Julie wanted to target Jake as he was coming after her, but Dee and company wanted Kendra. Julie didn’t like that as she realized Dee was truly only looking out for Dee.

Hmm, I like this crack. Austin, Emily and Katurah all lost their votes, but Austin earned his back by doing a math puzzle. So Austin has 2 idols and we have 9 people left in the game. Yeah, “Survivor” has to stop with people being able to hold idols until the final five there should be an expiration on idols unless they’re found between the final 7 and the final 5 in my personal opinion.

So with Kendra being the obvious target, it was apparent that Kendra was likely going home this episode, which is precisely what transpired. There were no theatrics at TC, even though Jeff tried his hardest to attempt to make things look that way. Next week things look as if they may shake up just a bit with the Jake vs. Drew war igniting and one can only hope, Drew, Austin or Dee get a taste of their own medicine, because they’re on their high horse and it is time to knock one of them off. Until next week “Survivor” fanatics.

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