HOLLYWOOD—Ok, it may have taken me close to 13 years to get back into the fun of the CBS reality hit “Survivor,” but I’m in. Literally, “Survivor Cambodia – Second Chances” has been my guilty pleasure every Wednesday night. If I happen to miss an episode I DVR it so that I can watch it the next day! If you have not watched the season finale, spoilers are ahead so stop reading now!

After weeks of blindside after blindside, what I would consider the most twisted, exciting season EVER can to an epic conclusion Wednesday night, with JEREMY being crowned the winner! The father to be won the game with a landslide vote of 10-0! Wow, I never expected that, I wanted to see a few votes swing in Spencer’s direction because he did indeed play a fantastic game.

Yep, last week, the poison that I call Abi-Maria was blindsided and sent packing, so our final six consisted of Kimmi, Keith, Tasha, Spencer, Jeremy and Kelly Wentworth. Yes, I will argue this is perhaps a worthy group of contestants left in the game. The aftermath of last week’s Tribal Council was felt from all parties. Keith and Kelly though they were tight with Spencer, and who knows what the hell Abi was thinking by voting for Keith?

Back at the camp the bickering begun about everyone wanting to take Abi to the end, hence the reason for her to be booted. So Kimmi is already making plans with Kelly to take out Jeremy or Spencer, unfortunately, Jeremy has an idol Kimmi has no idea about. The double dose episode “Lie, Cheat and Steal” kicked off with an immunity challenge that was something new for our fan favorites.

It was an exhausting step challenge, that literally left all the contestants winded, and once again it looked like Spencer would edge out the win and he managed his third immunity. Hmm, should I predict now that Spencer will be the winner of the season? He is certainly proving to be a force of nature. Kimmi started to panic when it became evident that Spencer, Jeremy and Tasha were aware of her shenanigans. Oh, this is so juicy good; the paranoia is erupting between two sides.

It was apparent at the Tribal Council that everyone was weary about how things could turn out, and Spencer made an epic move to shake up the Tribal Council. Wow, that was an epic move by Spencer, loved it. I seriously would give Spencer the game right now, what he did was sensational television, Kimmi and Kelly were flabbergasted. Spencer made it clear they planned to pull rocks, but I see both idols about to come into play. Literally, I was grabbing the armchair of my couch watching these votes take place, and to see Kelly play her idol was epic, and out of nowhere, Jeremy played his idol also, it resulted in a NO VOTES first!

The alliance between Kimmi, Spencer, Tasha and Jeremy shattered.
The alliance between Kimmi, Spencer, Tasha and Jeremy shattered. Photo courtesy of CBS.

So Jeff noted that Kelly, Spencer and Jeremy were all safe. Which meant Kimmi, Keith and Tasha were the only contestants who could have votes cast against them. In a second round of voting it was between Tasha and Kimmi and another tie. Spencer, Jeremy, Keith and Kelly had to decide a unanimous vote otherwise, Keith would be booted by default, and Keith decided to give up his shot at the game to allow Kimmi to stay onboard, which left Wentworth slightly torn, so Kelly voted for Kimmi and she was booted. That was epic to say the least. She made a bold move, and it cost her dearly.

The game resumed with another immunity challenge that was an epic obstacle course, where it was evident that everyone in the game was there to win it. So it was Keith, Jeremy, Kelly and Tasha all working on those decisive puzzles. In the end, it was Kelly who ensured her safety. Back at camp, Kelly decided that she wanted to manifest a fake idol ala Tony from Cagayan. It was a genius plan to create chaos amongst the group, which caused Jeremy to go paranoid, and Jeremy slightly threw Spencer under the bus! Whoa, I never expected that to happen, this game is beyond crazy.

At Tribal Council discussions rose of an idol and who could win the game, which just continued that element of paranoia that is ever-present in the game of “Survivor.” I seriously thought Spencer was a goner, but it was Keith who was sent packing. So our final four consists of Jeremy, Kelly, Spencer and Tasha, the odds are against Kelly, but never count out an underdog.

The final immunity challenge was a game of quick movements; the contestants had one hand tied behind their back while being forced to catch a ball as it dropped through an intricate maze. During each interval, another ball would be added complicating the game, especially with a gate that could go in any direction. This was the most interesting challenge the entire season. With four balls in the game, Kelly was eliminated, then Tasha, with Jeremy and Spencer doing battle with a total of 5 balls, and it was crazy movement taking place and Jeremy won his first immunity, and he broke down in tears.

I’ll admit I was secretly rooting for Kelly because I always love the story of an underdog, and Kelly has put up one hell of a fight in this game. Spencer let his ego explode a bit and gave Kelly some ammunition that could work against him as Kelly made her case to Jeremy, and power began to rise to his head. At Tribal Council, Kelly threw Spencer under the bus and Spencer made threats that he would advocate for Kelly to win if he is voted out. Spencer is indeed a little Devil to say the least and uses his words to persuade. When the vote was read, it was Kelly who got the boot. Good decision by Jeremy, Spencer is convincing, but I think Jeremy could prove his case also.

Our final three, Spencer, Kelly and Jeremy will now go toe-to-toe with each other for $1 million bucks and the Final Tribal Council did minimize the tough questions at the final contestants. Savage called out Spencer on his arrogant tactics, while Stephen questioned rather Tasha did Jeremy’s dirty work. Cierra questioned the jury on flipping and betrayal, and Jeremy’s answer was quite strong. Keith’s question to both Spence and Jeremy was indeed a tough one to say the least.

Kimmi was slightly livid at all of the final three, and Jeremy presented a convincing case to where his relationship with Kimmi stood. Joe pointed out that Tasha was a bit of a goat. Kelly Wigglesworth delivered an epic question resulting in chance that left me beyond dumbfounded. Kass called out Spencer on playing a game that she played in their previous season, and it appeared the two enemies buried the hatchet.

Kelly closed the questioning with asking the finalists what their second chance story was this time around, and Jeremy drops the bomb on the jury by letting them know he’s fighting for his family. It was an emotional moment that left him in tears and definitely resounded with the jury. He waited until the final moment to drop that bomb on the contestants that is what you call STRATEGY. I hate being teased we had to watch the reunion to determine precisely who was the clear victor.

When Jeff read the votes it was a Jeremy avalanche with the votes and I must say I was rooting for the guy since the season premiered. “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance” revitalized my interest in what many have considered the best reality competition series of all-time. I must admit I can’t wait for the next season to come around!