HOLLYWOOD—I will be honest, it took “Survivor: Cambodia” aka ‘Second Chances’ to revitalize my interest in the CBS reality hit that changed the scope of reality television when it debuted nearly 15 plus years ago. I’ve watched the past few seasons, with a revitalized excitement, but when you label a season ‘Game Changers” I actually expect to have game-changing moments transpire.

I will admit the first half of the season was a thrill-a-minute, as we watched Sandra, Tony, J.T. Malcolm and so many other great players play the game hard only to find themselves get voted out. This was a major disappointment for me, because we were left with players, who were somewhat playing the game, while others just walked around. To be honest, the people who were actually playing the game, Cirie, Andrea, Aubrey, Sarah, and Brad found themselves in the presence of a bunch of others who really weren’t doing much in my opinion.

The whole concept of a hidden immunity idol is for the contestants to catch their competitors off guard. I mean we have literally gone an entire season where only 1, yes, 1 single HII being played until the final 6. That is just damn crazy in my opinion. I would have rather seen another season of ‘Heroes vs. Villains’ than endure another season like this. Perhaps rules should be implemented forcing the contestants to play their hidden immunity idols before a specified time frame to prevent such boring gameplay.

I will admit the fiasco involving Cirie, Sarah and the vote steal was just dangerous, embarrassing and thrilling to watch. So with that being said we are left with our final six: Sarah, Brad, Tai, Troyzan, Aubrey and Cirie. Out of the 6, I was indeed rooting for Sarah, Cirie and Aubrey, who I think were more deserving of a win compared to the others. Troyzan has barely been present this season, and Tai is playing worse this time around, than the first time.

Cirie and Aubrey were in major trouble with Sarah, who has basically flip-flopped the entire season, but played a deserving game in my opinion. She absolutely learned being a dictator in “Survivor Cagayan’ did not help her resume. Sarah had her reasoning for targeting Michaela to take out an ally from Cirie. While seeing Tai acknowledge his duplicity was a bad move in my opinion, cause he pointed the finger at himself, but he has 2 idols people, but stupid move to alert Brad of this information.

The first immunity challenge was a complicated puzzle and maze to say the least and Brad won his third individual immunity. The guy is indeed a beast, and should have been taken out instead of Andrea. Tai was not pleased with Brad’s threats to take his idol, but he was questioning to what degree if that was a good idea. It was apparent that Tai wanted to align with Aubrey, but Cirie also pleaded her case.

Troyzan spilled the truth to Sarah about Tai’s 2 idols. Man this first tribal council was epic to say the least and Tai finally stood his ground for once, but looked like the biggest target. Tai played both of his idols, for Aubrey and himself, which prompted Sarah to play her legacy advantage, which later prompted Troyzan to play his idol, which means by default, Cirie was voted out. The second immunity challenge involved a puzzle involving the transfer of 3 balls through a maze to a finish line.

However, Brad won his fourth individual immunity win. Why the hell is Brad continuing to threat Tai, it’s not smart; Sarah, Tai and Aubrey should take out Troyzan if they were smart to take out his ally. And I thought the last tribal council was crazy, had plenty of friction people. Aubrey brought up a great point that she was vulnerable, which should open the door to take out a bigger threat people.

Wow, for once, Troyzan did not seem comfortable and Brad was quiet. The jury was even laughing with the idea of Troyzan not seeing himself as a threat. So it was either Aubrey or Troyzan getting the boot, and unfortunately, it was Aubrey sent packing. Jeez, is the series editing Culpepper to be the winner of the season? I mean this guy is freaking unstoppable, winning 5 individual immunity challenges this season. Hmm, I’m starting to suspect Brad’s ego is going to cost him the game in my opinion, bullying people won’t get you far on the jury buddy, and to be honest Sarah has made far more moves in the game than you have.

Troyzan, open your eyes, you have no chance in hell of winning this game; you haven’t done a single thing in my opinion. Now I see why so many people can’t stand the guy, his arrogance is just plain simple. Wow, Tai brought up a very convincing argument to force a tie to go to a fire making challenge. Tai it’s true you did indeed play the same game you played before.

During the final tribal council, it was apparent that Brad sided with Troy per usual, and Sarah and Tai were expendable. Tai was convincing and threw Brad under the bus with all of his bullying tactics and the jury was able to see all those emotions explode, did not help his game in my opinion. Go Tai, finally a good moment to see things transpire. Too bad Sarah didn’t have the guts to make a move, and decided to vote out Tai; smart, why go to a fire-making challenge if you don’t have too.

So we have our final three: Sarah, Brad and Troyzan, and let’s be honest this is between Sarah and Brad, the other has not a chance in hell. Troyzan was simply another Woo, who was led by his master, but too blind to see it. Finally, the jury gets the opportunity to speak and they unleashed plenty of theatrics. Jeff decided to throw in another twist, but centering the aspects of the game: outwit, outplay, outlast, now this is game changers people, that I don’t think Sarah, Brad and Troyzan expected; it threw them off their plans people. Zeke championed Sarah, while Andrea got emotional about Sarah being so blunt in her deception, but the jury laughed at what she was selling. Ozzy stoked his ego, while championing for Brad. Cirie brought up a great point of how Sierra controlled Brad’s game, not himself. Michaela stumped Brad with her question; his ability to develop relationships was not that great.

Michaela brought up a great point about taking the level of emotions out of the game. Troyzan got like one question about his gameplay, and a divided jury casted their votes. And it was a battle between Sarah and Brad, and rather you like it or not, Sarah played a flawless and phenomenal game people. That woman worked moves in ways that you never expected, and did so with a level of poise without being nasty about it. I will admit “Game Changers” was a good season, not great, because the level of bold moves was not as epic in my opinion as “Second Chances.” So I’m hoping the next season of the franchise actual delivers some idol plays that don’t transpire at the final six.