HOLLYWOOD—For someone who has been a reborn fan of “Survivor” after watching the guilty pleasure ‘Second Chances’ season, the latest installment has been a complete bore after the merge. “Survivor: Ghost Island” had a ton of promise, but I guess I have to chalk this flop of a season as a result of a twist that wasn’t carefully planned out and a host of characters not hungry enough to win a million dollars. We have our final six in: Laurel, Donathan, Domenick, Wendell, Sebastian and Angela, and after last week where for the first time in what seemed liked weeks, I actually thought it might be a CHANCE that Wendell or Domenick would lose their grip on the game. Nope, these players are just a bunch of sheep walking to the slaughter house.

The only player out of this bunch willing to make a move was Donathan, too bad Sebastian and Angela aren’t wise enough to realize you can’t wait until the final 6 to make a move on two players who both have idols in their possession. Things are only made worse by the fact that if one of them wins immunity, they have a virtual cakewalk to the final. I wanted to watch the finale, but the predictability forced me to channel surf to watch a show where I didn’t quite know what was going to transpire, because the end result of this season DID NOT SURPRISE ME ONE BIT!

The 2-hour finale kicked off with Sebastian deciding it was time to make a move at the final six, just because he had an extra vote, but little did he know his biggest threats had hidden immunity idols, as the duo planned to blindside him. The first immunity challenge was a combination of a massive maze and a puzzle, where Wendell captured his first individual immunity win. Must say, Wendell is very strategic in taking Angela and Sebastian on the reward. Why? He doesn’t want Donathan alone with those two out of fear that a plan could be formulated to threaten his and Domenick’s game. Wendell, if you were smart you’d use this opportunity to take out your biggest threat to win: Domenick!

Laurel fumed over Wendell’s betrayal, which worried Domenick greatly. Donathan, Angela and Sea-Bass had a conversation about placing votes on the Kingpin. So when Sebastian revealed his extra vote to his allies, and for once Laurel won’t have a clue as to what is going to transpire. What the hell is Angela doing? She is a terrible player, why would you tell Domenick about your game plan. If it wasn’t for Angela and actual blindside could transpire.

It was a fun tribal to see Domenick make a fool of himself and toss out the fact that Sebastian has an extra vote. Ugh, I’m so pissed that Angela blew this up. Jeez, Domenick is making himself look like a fool to the jury. Yes, Donathan put the truth out there; make it clear that the two biggest jury threats are looking like prime targets. However, the players in the game should be well aware at six there was no way there would be so many idols in play. This season is torturing me because it’s so obvious, and Sebastian was sent to the jury. If we have another season with such terrible players I will be pissed.

Allies Domenick and Wendell made it all the way to the Final 3 where both pleaded their cases to the jury.

The second immunity challenge was another puzzle that seemed like a bit of cheat if you want me to be honest. I think this was done more to push time along in the episode, and cue the music, Wendell wins his second individual immunity. Can I say this now? This was perhaps the most uneventful “Survivor” finale I’ve witnessed in a super long time. Wait, what? Is Wendell really considering making a move against Domenick this late in the game? Perhaps it was Donathan’s words that rattled him? The jury likes to see moves, but subtlety goes much further than blatantly putting it out there.

The final 5 Tribal Council was another dud because the only person speaking any truth was Donathan. He continued to hammer in Laurel’s head that being loyal is not going to get you a million dollars. Idols were played per usual and Wendell played his idol on Laurel. I think he was attempting to win points with her just in case she heads to the jury. Interesting turn of events with Donathan being sent to the jury, not sure how that helps Domenick and Wendell’s game to be honest.

Our final four consists of two power players and two GOATS, the only way Laurel or Angela has a shot is if the jury is absolutely bitter against Wendell and Domenick. Domenick won the final immunity challenge, which resulted in the remaining contestants being sent to Ghost Island. Wendell was well aware that he was a target and started to work on his fire-making skills. Duh, Laurel that is what you get for not making a move when you could have made a move! I love that Angela didn’t just sit down without fighting and put doubt in Dom’s mind that Laurel and Wendell are both threats to his endgame. “One bad move can haunt you forever,” Domenick you might want to really think about that. Cause it looks like you’re about to make a bad move.

Domenick read his note, which delivered one final temptation of voting urns from past seasons where Colby, Woo and Brad all made bad choices costing them a $1 million dollars! Wait, would Domenick seriously give up his immunity and go against Wendell himself to make fire to take out his biggest threat. Pride it is one of the deadliest of the seven deadly sins. At the final tribal council of the game, the power players of the game were forced to turn on each other. Domenick choose to give Laurel (the GOAT) a cakewalk to the final three, forcing Angela and Wendell to make fire to earn their spot. I have to say this fire-making challenge is complete BS. Just force a vote and may the person with the best social game win.

Wendell got his fire ignited and I must say Wendell earned a ton of my respect by fighting to earn his spot and I think the jury respected his victory as well. Laurel pleaded her case, but the jury didn’t buy that she was not riding Domenick and Wendell’s coattails. Wendell was forced to prove his case to the jury, but the fireworks came out when Domenick thought he was the mastermind between the duo, and it looks like the jury was conflicted between the two. Oh it was apparent that Sebastian and Kellyn were not fans of Domenick’s theatrics.

I’ll be honest this game can actually go to any of the three, if the jury is bitter. I just realized that nor Chelsea or Jenna got the opportunity to speak during the jury Q&A, wow, Jeff shocked the gang by reading the votes at the actual Final Tribal. We haven’t seen this in a long time, shocking everyone. Looks like both Domenick and Wendell are going toe-to-toe to claim the ultimate prize.

In the end it was a 5-5 tie, something we’ve NEVER SEEN! That meant Laurel, would cast the deciding vote on who should win the game. Was it a shocking moment? Yes, and with Laurel in power, this decision could go either way. However, with Wendell giving Laurel immunity may give him the actual advantage. Damn, Jeff and his decision to try to amplify the suspense for fans.

The winner of “Survivor: Ghost Island” was Wendell. He made a strategic move at the final five that actually paid off. Being kind pays off in “Survivor” people. We know the theme for the upcoming 37th season is “Survivor: David vs. Goliath,” but rather it will flop like ‘Ghost Island’ is still up for debate.