HOLLYWOOD—The start of the current season of “Survivor,” coined ‘Ghost Island’ was some of the best that I have seen in years, however, after the merge things have taken a drastic turn for pure boredom. The excitement I had for this season has waned as a result of players not really wanting to play the game. I mean the merge episode was fantastic; this battle between Chris and Domenick reached a feverish peak and can we say a great character got the boot. The biggest downfall was the fact that if Chris had played the idol in his possession, he would still be in the game and Libby would have left early.

Is that a bad thing? No, especially considering Libby went home the next episode. Chris could have ruffled some feathers and got enough momentum with the Malolo clan to boot out either Domenick or Wendell, but it seems Chris’ departure just opened up the game for Domenick and Wendell to coast to the end. I mean I was rooting valiantly for Michael who seemed like the only player willing to make a move. However, after a very strong effort he was voted out by a single vote. I mean if he only compared notes with Kellyn, whose paranoia worked in his favor, he would have sent Laurel packing or even better totally blindsided Wendell by sending him packing.

This past week’s episode highlighted the fact that we have a ton of players not willing to play the game, and that is the absolute worst in the world of “Survivor.” I mean Kellyn, whose antics I love and hate was setting up a potential move, but once again Laurel, is the catalyst for causing moves to fizzle out. I mean she even said in her confessional that she was well aware that she could NOT beat Wendell or Domenick in the end. Laurel, what the hell prevented you from making a move then!? She did the same thing when Desiree came to her and Donathan with the perfect and I mean perfect opportunity to take out Wendell or Domenick.

Domenick and Wendell both have idols, and you are the only one aware of that. We’re now at the final 7; it’s going to be virtually impossible to get them out of the game at this point. Donathan, who as a character I thought he should have been booted at first, has started to make a few waves and I like that. It would also be satisfying to see Donathan take out Laurel. However, whenever Donathan wants to make a move, Laurel suddenly shuts that down. It’s like if these two wanted to make a move last week was the time to do it, and Laurel who I was rooting for in the beginning has become a ‘GOAT.’ Please understand America, a GOAT is not praise; it is someone who is dragged to the end because they have virtually no currency to win the game.

If someone can present to me three things that Laurel has actually done that has changed the scope of the game besides deliver Domenick and Wendell a cakewalk to the end of the game, I’ll give them a million dollars. NOTE: we don’t know if this is a final two or final three. I really hate that “Survivor” likes to switch things up with this concept from time to time. I almost wish that Laurel was taken out the week that Michael went home during that double tribal council. Why? Michael may have been able to work with Donathan, Kellyn, Chelsea and Angela and make an actual move against the two biggest threats at this point to win the game.

At this point, there are only three tribal councils left where the other contestants can make a move against Wendell and Domenick because the threat still looms of Domenick and Wendell being capable of winning immunity. I mean hell, Domenick has won two consecutive immunity challenges, and with Chelsea, his biggest competitor being voted out, it makes it easier for that duo to coast to the end. My biggest frustration is that this season’s theme, ‘Ghost Island’ has been a complete bust; it has not worked and the constant switch in rules from one week to the next proves it’s a disaster. I mean where the hell is the vote steal Stephen Fishbach won during “Survivor: Cambodia?” I mean having that advantage in the game right now would drastically change the scope of the game if correctly played.

So look at the surprised delivered in the latest episode, ‘Always Be Moving’ that had Donathan, Sebastian, Kellyn and even Laurel thinking for themselves for once! Donathan played mind games with Dom and Wendell which had me screaming at the TV screen realizing they might be in trouble; especially Wendell. Sebastian, who appeared as an ally to Dom and Wendell, was sent to Ghost Island where he earned the vote steal (it was actually Stephen Fishbach who first earned the prize in season 31). So instead of stealing a vote, Sea Bass gets to cast an extra vote? Wait, what? Didn’t we just see Kellyn just play this advantage and it faltered? Guess the Survivor Gods are determined to see this advantage actually played correctly.

The immunity challenge was similar to what has been seen in the past, and it all culminated with a slide puzzle per usual and we have a change for once. Laurel won individual immunity, but Wendell would have claimed the prize, but he forgot to ‘call it.’ Wendell have you watched “Survivor,” this is an absolute first people. You lost, get over it. I mean did Dom and Wendell not see Donathan sitting right there watching them be sketchy. Terrible gameplay by Wendell and Domenick with an ally, and it appears Domenick, Kellyn, Wendell and Donathan were at risk of being booted.

I’ve been waiting weeks for an explosive Tribal Council and at long last we finally saw one. Why the hell would you be cryptic Wendell and Domenick? It looks stupid, sketchy and the fireworks exploded between allies. Oh, this was fun, could a blindside actually transpire? The whispers had me on edge like seriously. There was a tie between Kelly and Donathan and a revote was in play where Kellyn was still sent packing. However, Donathan earned a ton of respect from me for actually playing the game unlike Laurel.

I hate to say this, but Laurel might be the worst player I’ve seen in years on the series. She knows she can’t beat her allies, yet she is still willing to go to the end with them. Note to future “Survivor” players, the goal of the game is to defeat your competition, even if that happens to be your closet ally.