HOLLYWOOD—Death has struck yet again in the town of Salem on “Days of Our Lives” or has it? We all knew that Ava and EJ’s rivalry would reach a feverish pitch, and it has people. How so? Ava kidnapped Susan, in response EJ kidnapped Tripp. Tripp was recused, but Ava just had to push and kidnapped Susan after Xander handed her over, resulting in fiery cliff crash where Ava and Susan were both presumed dead.

Let’s be clear in the soap arena, if you DO NOT see a body that is a sign that the person is still alive people. Susan’s body is nowhere to be found, not to mention that Ava has ‘appeared’ before EJ where a scuffle occurred. However, the audience has no clue if what EJ is seeing is real or if he’s hallucinating. I mean he is drinking heavily people and his emotions are at an all-time high as he blames himself for his mother’s departure.

Chad, Tony, Marlena, Rafe and a host of others have been by EJ’s side during his time of grief, but as we all know revenge is what EJ wants and if it’s a loved one that has been taken out, EJ will go to war in the most wicked way to make Ava Vitali pay, especially if she’s still alive and his mother is indeed dead. This will be fun to watch, as it becomes clear Ava is not a fugitive and criminal if she is not dead people.

Xander, Xander, Xander, after all the shenanigans you endured to get Sarah Horton back after all your wicked deeds, you fall back to your old ways out of desperation and you go to Ava Vitali of all people? I’m just baffled. He helped kidnap Susan, then Bonnie after she discovered Susan. Xander was too stupid to NOT change the suit he was wearing so that Susan and Bonnie couldn’t possibly identify him. Bonnie was rescued thanks to Alex and Justin, and ID that suit, even though she couldn’t confirm a face because of the clown mask that Xander was wearing.

That prompted Sarah to straight up ask her lover if he had a role in Susan’s kidnapping to which he denied, and it looks like the writers might be playing with a possible Gwen rekindling after she saved him with a fake website for his supposed job and he divulged what he did to his former lover. Yeah, things are getting quite messy to say the least people.

Nicole and Rafe are over and he is indeed bitter. So bitter he threw her Thanksgiving pie in the trash America. Nicole was not happy to learn that Jada is keeping her baby and planning to raise it with Eric, who promised his true love they will find a way to work it out. Ok, let’s see how that plays out because Nicole is very jealous and insecure people and she likes to have everything on her terms and Jada is NOT giving Nicole what she wants, and per the Winter Preview for “DOOL’ we know Nicole lands in bed yet again with EJ DiMera. It will be interesting to see how that unfolds people, but wait Nicole’s jealous talk with Jada convinced her somehow to terminate the pregnancy. Ok, Eric’s not going to be happy with this development people.

Alex and Stephanie’s bond is growing much to Chad’s chagrin and he better make a move quick before Alex has Stephanie wrapped around his finger. I still think Chad and Stephanie have stronger chemistry, but the writers love a triangle people. Chanel is still facing legal woes as Sloan plans to make her pay for her mother’s death and Paulina trying to cover up the crime will only make the situation worse as Sloan is OUT FOR BLOOD PEOPLE. Remember when I stated Sonny and Leo were getting closer, well this week marked an important development as Sonny lent a hand to his enemy in a time of need America.

Oh, the drama just continues to heat up on “Days of Our Lives” as Wendy and Johnny got the goods on Dr. Rolf wiping Stefan’s love for Gabi, just as Li and EJ were worried their loved ones might spill the truth. Gabi and Li are preparing for their wedding, which the audience knows will be doomed the moment they walk down the aisle. Stefan and Chloe have bonded quickly after she was dumped by Brady who was being blackmailed by Kristen. Once the memory wiping truth comes to light I wonder if Chloe will be left out in the cold yet again and how Stefan will react to the news.