SAN FRANCISCO—Four suspects driving a vehicle involved in several auto burglaries were arrested on Monday, January 9 following a crash that occurred on the 1500 block of Union Street. 

William Young, 22, Rafer Alston Jr., 21, Rodale Feaster, 25 and Trevon Jamerson, 21, crashed into a parking control vehicle in the Cow Hollow neighborhood after 4 p.m.

ABC7 San Francisco obtained video from an Uber driver of the crash. In the video, the parking control vehicle can be seen attempting to make a U-turn. In the midst of the attempt, the suspects vehicle, a white SUV, struck the parking control vehicle. The car flipped to its side. 

The suspects fled on foot. Officers with the San Francisco Police Department caught up with the suspects who were later arrested. 

Officer Lobsinger of the SFPD told the San Francisco News that they found a large capacity magazine in Alston’s possession.

The officer who was injured was taken to a local hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Each of the suspects have been charged with conspiracy and resisting arrest.