Taking A Look At Mental Illness

Image courtesy of Penn Live.

UNITED STATES—Why is it when it comes to mental illness it’s a discussion people prefer not to have.  Mental illness is a serious issue inAmericaand a discussion that we need to have.  It should not be a taboo subject matter, there are thousands, perhaps millions of people suffering from mental illness everyday, yet we turn a blind eye to the issue.

When it comes to having a conversation about mental illness we should not be hesitate to create a forum to discuss bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression or any other illnesses that affect the human psyche. Why is it we frown when we hear discussions about people suffering from serious diseases?  Instead of running away for the issue by talking about it there is a possibility that we can facilitate a way to treat such illnesses.  By doing so not only are helping society, but we are also providing the opportunity for those individuals who may feel ostracized by society because of their illness to be more open with those who just don’t get it.

We’d all like to think mentally we’re as healthy as we can be, but the truth is that we all suffer some sort of mental illness to a degree; it’s the label that disturbs many of us.  If you’re labeled mentally unstable it causes people to question you as a person, and that should not be the case.  All of us suffer some case of depression to a degree.  Some encounter milder cases of depression than others, but we cannot refuse to acknowledge it.  We get into bad moods, sometimes moods that are difficult to shake and the best way to get out of that funk is through therapy or medication.

Am I saying every single person should fly to the doctor to be treated for a mental illness, no, only if you have reason to believe that you may be suffering from something that you can’t quite place your finger on?  The reason for seeking treatment is those who suffer from illnesses that can turn violent can seek help before it’s too late.  Many cases have arisen in the media in recent year where violent crimes have taken place by individuals deemed to be mentally unstable, yet medical treatment was not given to these individuals before it was too late.

Mental illness is an issue that we can no longer refuse to discuss.  We must have the courage to tackle a prevalent problem that continues to haunt many Americans.  That struggle faced by those people grappling with mental illness is not only their problem, but as Americans it’s our problem as well.

By LaDale Anderson