HOLLYWOOD—I knew it the moment that the writers for “The Bold and the Beautiful” decided to reveal that Liam Spencer shot his father that it was all a ruse. Why? Well, I will admit the revelation that Hunter Tylo returned to the canvas as Taylor was a welcome surprise, it still falters compared to the wicked surprise last June when Sheila Carter made her triumphant return to the soap. Taylor decided to pay Dollar Bill a visit at the end of last Thursday’s episode to give him a wicked tongue lashing.

Man, where has this woman been. Tylo delivered some riveting scenes, as a mother concerned about her daughter’s well-being. I mean I had to take a double look because I’m not used to seeing Taylor as a blonde. With cane in tow, she ravaged at Bill similar to what Ridge, Brooke, Wyatt, Liam, Katie and so many others from Spencer Publications, Spectra Fashions and Forrester Creations did. One would think with Bill nearly losing his life it would change him a bit? Nope, not this guy. He’s still on the same warpath as he was before a bullet was put into his back. Perhaps if he would have been confined to a wheelchair or paralyzed because of that bullet Bill would have appreciated life and took a second look at misdeeds from the pass.

I mean he virtually blackmailed Wyatt to prevent him from marrying Katie. And it actually worked. With Thorne getting into Katie’s ear, and Wyatt hearing Bill’s proposal for him to take over the company in a few years, the lovebirds decided to call off the engagement. I suspect this might have to do more with the fact that the writers might be looking to pair Thorne and Katie together. Wyatt and Katie I never fully bought, and I think there is much more that can be done with Wyatt’s character, especially considering he is more like his father than he’d like to admit. I mean what the hell happened with that drunken stupor? Story never went anywhere people.

Let’s get back to the drama involving Taylor and Bill. I totally forgot that house was once owned by Taylor and where she raised Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe. The more Taylor talked, the more evident it became she was indeed the culprit that shot Bill, who I would call one of the greatest villains on daytime television right now. For the oddest reason, my gut had Taylor as a culprit weeks ago, but after hearing no news of Tylo returning to the soap I discarded the idea. However, it makes perfect sense for Taylor to do such a thing. We all know, she can lose it at times, and considering she is an alcoholic who murdered Darla all those years ago, anything is capable with this woman. Oh, the icing on the cake is the fact that she is a psychiatrist, so she knows how to mess with people’s heads.

My biggest issue is if Bill knows Taylor shot him, what is he going to do with that information? It looks like blackmail because Bill wasted no time in forcing Taylor to confess to Steffy (who was surprised to learn her mother was back in town), she is responsible for shooting Bill in the back.  Steffy was speechless to say the least and begged Bill not to turn her mother in. As a result, Bill gave his word to Steffy he wouldn’t turn Taylor in for now, but I already know his brain working full speed to use this incident to bring him and Taylor closer. Why? He knows Hope and Liam are getting closer, and with Liam getting confirmation from Steffy that he did NOT shoot his father, it alleviates that guilt he was grappling with.

If Taylor is arrested and put away for attempted murder, that is a major tease and let down for audiences. However, Taylor’s return causes all types of problems which make for interesting TV. I mean she has a past with Eric, which means Quinn will be super jealous, Brooke and Taylor have been mortal enemies for YEARS, and I can without a doubt see this causing conflict in Ridge and Brooke’s marriage. I mean Ridge doesn’t want to see the mother of his children put away for a crime that quite frankly he would have committed himself if Taylor did not beat him to the punch. On top of all of that, we can see the friction that would emerge between Steffy and Thomas to see their absent-minded mother suddenly return to the canvas.

Taylor’s return is similar to what the writers did with Sheila’s return several months ago: it ushered in a welcome burst of drama and brought a character that audiences loved back to the canvas. You can never go wrong by bringing a fan favorite back to the foray and it seems “The Bold and the Beautiful” just knows how to introduce riveting narrative to its viewers.