The Blackberry, Another Berry Member


UNITED STATES—We’ve talked about the strawberry, the blueberry and the raspberry.  There is one more relative of the berry family that we have yet to discuss: the blackberry. While berry is apart of its name, the blackberry is not a true member of the berry family.

It’s similar to the raspberry only it’s black.  But its shape can prove quite deceptive too many.  Various berries have been known to grow on trees, but that does not mean its safe to eat those berries.  They could be toxic and harmful to your body, so unless you’re a plant botanist it’s not recommended you venture to eat any berry that you notice.

Blackberries are known to contain a high number of antioxidants and other nutrients including fiber that helps to reduce memory loss. The fruit like the raspberry contains salicylic acid which has its medical benefits to help reduce fevers and body pains. One of the fruits biggest benefits is that it contains ellagic acid which has been used to treat tumors in mice; it may have an impact on reducing the debilitating effects of estrogen that causes cancer cells.

The fruit also contains soluble and insoluble fibers like pectin that has been known to lower bad cholesterol levels. There are not many calories in blackberries which makes it the berry of choice to be consumed for Americans.  Like its counterparts the strawberry, blueberry and raspberry, the blackberry its useful when making desserts and jams.

Cooking tip: consider making a berry smoothie that consists of bananas, blackberries and cucumbers.  I know what you’re thinking the cucumber sounds terrible, but it allows you to get your veggies in for the day and the tart flavor of the blackberry offsets the odd taste from the cucumber.  Adding a glass of orange juice and a cup of ice completes the ingredient list.

By LaDale Anderson