HOLLYWOOD—Well the latest episode of “The Chi,” ‘Bring it on Home to Me’ was all about sex as the first few minutes saw not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 couples having sex (Tiffany and her new beau, Emmett and Kiesha, Jada and Darnell, and Victor and his new beau). After the dust settles, it was worth noting this episode should have been titled blindsides because that is what quite a few of the characters got served.

For starters, Tiffany learned about Emmett and Kiesha and she was NOT pleased one bit. I was so frustrated by this because Tiffany left Emmett. She moved on and she’s having sex with another guy, why the hell can’t Emmett do the same? I get that Kiesha is her bestie, but guess what you ended your marriage with Emmett not the other way around and he has a right to be happy. When your new flame is telling you to move on, that says a lot people, a damn lot! Looks like Kiesha and Emmett will be on Tiffany’s bad side for quite some time, as she makes moves to become her own businesswoman.

Darnell was moving a bit too fast for Jada who felt shades of Suede all over again and did not want history to repeat itself. As a result, she took him out on a date and this relationship is continuing to blossom which I like America, a whole lot. They are a lot older now, so it’s clear they both know what they want and what they don’t want. Kevin was smitten by his new flame, but Lynae was not having any of it. It became very clear that Lynae is jealous that Kevin is spending all his time with a new girl, instead of spending some of that time with her.

However, the bulk of this episode revolved around Jake, Jemma, Trig, Tracy and Rosalind. How so? It became clear to Tracy and Trig aka Victor that they were being played like a fiddle by Rosalind, Douda and Quentin. Be careful of the Devil that you lay with people. Rosalind is indeed a snake and will do whatever and whomever to get what she wants. Victor started to question if everything that he had been fighting so valiantly for was even worth it. In the midst of the political stress, his new lover was wondering if she was a secret from the rest of the world. I think Victor knows if he acknowledges that he’s with a transwoman that the rest of his community will NOT support his run for City Council, especially those religious ones.

In the midst of dealing with an internal crisis, he brushed his mother off, who was indeed struggling with her sobriety. He planned to make his speech about his mother, but he had mixed emotions about that and redirected that energy to show accolades to his pal Shaad and the changes he has made in his life. Shaad was a bit taken aback by the move, but very appreciative. Let’s talk a bit about Jake, who decided to share with his mother, Peaches that his girlfriend was pregnant. She was not happy, but she was supportive. I guess the big surprise was the fact that she didn’t tell Victor. Like why is everyone keeping this epic secret from this man who is getting ready to throw his hat in the political tournament America?

Before the episode culminated Jemma made the decision that she wanted to have a baby, which means her and Jake’s life is about to forever be changed. Jake you better start looking for a job right now buddy, because all that play stuff you’ve been doing it is over. As for Victor, his worst fear came to fruition as he realized his mother fell off the wagon yet again. One would say NOT giving that speech about his mother drove her off the wagon, but then again, the audience may never know. Next week, Victor does learn about Jake’s bun in the oven and it just heightens that decision rather he should run for office or not. Until next week “The Chi” fanatics.