UNITED STATES—President Donald Trump has erupted a bit of chaos yet again in America with his decision to put an end to DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). The program was established by former U.S. President Barack Obama in 2012 which allowed individuals who entered the country illegally as minors the ability to obtain renewable two-year period of deferred action from being deported and to be eligible to obtain a work permit.

Many of those who are part of DACA are known as ‘Dreamers,’ are not at risk of being deported from the country. My biggest issue with President Trump is not that he is taking a stance on illegal immigration. That is a big issue that the United States has faced for years; illegal immigration is on the rise and it has been a consistent problem that has yet to be settled by the United States government. However, my concern with the elimination of the DACA program is the impact it could have on those who as kids or minors had no say in rather they get to choose to enter the country illegally or perhaps stay in a country where mass genocide or war is leading to absolute devastation.

I don’t like the idea of a child being punished by the actions of their parents. These children DID NOT make the decision to come to the United States illegally their parents did. It is not like a 5-year-old has the potential to tell their parents, “No, I don’t want to go to the US, it’s illegal.” They are forced to endure whatever decision their parents decide. I’m not certain if President Trump has actually considered that.

He’s punishing people, without just cause in my opinion, and I’m starting to wonder if he purposely has the intention of dismantling any policy or policies that were put into place by Barack Obama. It all started with his relentless threat to repeal Obamacare, with that not succeeding, it seems he tackles another policy that he deems problematic. Trump has now placed the decision regarding DACA in the hands of Congress to make a decision on a solution to the issue before revisiting things in the coming months.

I wonder if this is even an issue Congress wants to address to be honest. There has to be some conflict between members of Congress who might disagree with Trump’s stance, but at the same time suffer the possible brunt of voters if they are up for re-election in the coming years. Making waves or not appeasing to your constituents can cause a member of Congress (rather apart of the House of Representatives or the Senate), to be out of their seat and replaced with someone who aligns with the President’s agenda or what their constituents want.

The bigger question I would like for President Trump to answer is just why now is he making a decision to end the DACA program which was aimed at helping those who happen to be a victim of circumstance. Has he had an actual conversation with a ‘Dreamer’ who was brought to the United States by their parents at such a young age they don’t recall it? Has he asked them about their fears and concerns with the program coming to an end?

What are his plans to help those who are here now, want to remain in the United States, but are fearful of deportation or being shipped to a country that is unfamiliar to them? These are all questions I suspect that President Trump hasn’t even considered, but it is indeed something he will not be able to ignore because those impacted by DACA the most will be certain he hears their cries and concerns.