UNITED STATES—Now this topic might be a bit heavy, it might annoy some people and it might open up the blinders on those people who refuse to see what is looking them straight in the eyes, but they refuse to acknowledge it. We all have people in our lives who I consider the freeloader. It’s that person who is willing to allow you to do the work, while they sit back and reap the benefits; it might be the person who will allow you to pay for the meal, even though they purchased more than you. Let’s be frank, it’s the person who is willing to use anyone they know to get ahead or take advantage.

I’m not a proponent of having such people in my life or those who smile in your face, but can’t wait till the moment that they are able to stab you in the back. Yes, it happens more often than you can imagine. You know a freeloader through a bevy of things: 1) they are always willing to ‘help,’ but never actually HELP 2) they tend to always have an excuse or make up things that never seem to make sense 3) they tell you one thing, but there actions lead you to believe another 4) they complain constantly about never having money to draw or allude empathy from others.

Yes, it’s a lot of things to consider, but they are all import. For starters, that person willing to lend you help, it comes at a cost. You might be assuming that person is doing something free of charge, but in the end, they are expecting compensation from you in some sort of fashion, they won’t bluntly tell you that, but they will hint it to some degree by giving you a look or throw out a statement that alludes to that factoid.

Next, pay attention to what people say. If someone is constantly complaining about not being able to pay their rent, yet they have the ability to purchase expensive shoes, watches or clothing for that matter that equates their rent each month, it’s a sign. You might not think about it to begin with, but it eventually starts to make sense when you actually think about it.

That third one annoys me the most; someone gives you their word and makes it very clear of their availability, but suddenly out of the blue everything changes on a dime and you can’t seem to pinpoint exactly why. That sucks, and I will admit it’s something I’m not that fond of. Do not tell me 100 percent that you are committed to something, but I later come to find out the accuracy of things is completely off. It worse, when the person tells you something like 10 minutes before you’re expecting them to do it! I can understand if an actual emergency transpired, but don’t simply lie about something for the sake of lying. When you tell one lie, you have to tell another to cover it up, and at some point the lies stop adding up or making sense.

The complaint about money is the trickiest of them all. Why? You never know if someone is telling you the truth or not. So you have to take what someone says with a grain of salt. They will lie to have someone else cover lunch, dinner or a shopping outing if that means they get the opportunity to keep their money in their pocket. You really know when things are bad when you see the person using that so called ‘money’ they didn’t have to take care of other things. Do you know what that means? You just got duped, you were hoodwinked, and if it happens once they will do it again and again until you catch on.

I hate to watch some people just sit and allow people to use them without recognizing that they are being used. Even when the issue is brought to light, some like to dismiss it, if someone who genuinely cares for you and wants the best for you brings something to your attention, you have to SEE it and not dismiss it as pure jealously. Why? Most of the time the person pointing out the issue to you is simply looking out for your best interest, and you should know this based on rather the person is attempting to angle something out of you, which in most cases is not the case. Don’t let a freeloader, free load off of your hard work or money people!