The Frustration With “Big Brother 15”

Big Brother

HOLLYWOOD—By now, everyone is well aware of the scandal that has rocked CBS’ “Big Brother 15.”  The show that has been a guilty pleasure by so many has sparked an outrage because of the racist, homophobic, misogynist and sexist comments by the contestants this season.  The series has attempted to redeem itself with the Most Valuable Player (MVP) twist, which worked to an advantage.  In the beginning, it was underdog Elissa, sister to BB superfan Rachel who was blessed with the award three consecutive weeks.  Realizing that America was frustrated with that choice, the show allowed America to choose the MVP which ruffled quite a few feathers in the BB house.

The MVP twist is amazing, but the problem is there is not a single contestant in the house to root for.  We have racist toting villains in Aaryn, GinaMarie and Amanda who have spewed vicious terms to several contestants in the house.  Each woman has no idea of the repercussions of their actions, particularly two who have already lost their jobs. Americais letting their voice be heard by continuing to nominate the women each week until they realize we actually despise them.  Let’s face it; viewers will not be thrilled to see any of these women make it to the final two.

Then we have Helen.  She was a fave of mine, until she allowed the power to go to her head.  Instead of sending Aaryn packing, she was so fixated on getting out Jeremy.  If she was smart she would have aligned with Jeremy and used him as an ally to take out Amanda.  Helen’s bestie is Elissa; she’s an underdog, but like Rachel she has a mind of her own and will do as she chooses.  Helen’s biggest error is she overanalyzes things and is afraid to make big moves. HELEN you don’t win BB without making big moves; even if you do, no one will remember you just ask Jordan from BB 11. I am secretly rooting for Elissa, as the fire is burning inside her to make a game changing move.

Andy, what can be said about this guy.  He just invites himself to everyone’s conversation and is such a rat.  He takes information and spills it to everyone.  The guy has no loyalty, that’s the problem with rats, they always get caught and I can’t wait to Andy gets placed in the hot seat. He will scramble under intense scrutiny; he doesn’t seem to like confrontation.  Either its Helen/Elissa or Amanda/McCrae, speaking of McCrae, he started out playing a good game, but it’s going to hell thanks to Amanda.  Showmances are the worst, take a tip from Mike Boogie; they never work and cut the cord.  He’s become a follower, and someone who becomes more boring each week.

Judd was the oddball funnyman who appeared to be floating through the game.  He won an HOH, but then did what the ‘house’ wanted.  That’s my biggest gripe with the contestants this season.  Stop worrying what the house wants; this is Big Brother not best family members. The goal is to do what is best for YOU, not the house.  Contestants who make big moves are icons: Dr. Will, Danielle Reyes, Nakomis, Janelle, James, Evil Dick, Dan G, Rachel R, Daniele Donato and Jeff S are standouts.  Everyone else, who cares!  This season I’m only kinda rooting for three people: Elissa, Jessie and Spencer.  Jessie at first was a bit of a floater, but she stands her ground when in a battle which I love about her.  She’s not afraid of you Amanda, so watch your back!

She’s starting to wise up that Amanda is a big threat and you make a move when you have the opportunity, not when the time is right.  The time is right when the opportunity presents itself Helen!  For someone to be a political consultant, she makes some very stupid game moves. Spencer has said some vile comments in the house, but to see him shut down Amanda last week was epic. Candice would have been in good standing this week, but her blowout on Spencer changed everything; she could have used him as an ally this week after Howard left last. Now she’s on the block and public enemy #1 for reasons I can’t even imagine, besides GinaMarie hates her for no absolute reason. This coming from the woman who is feigning for a guy who does NOT want her.  Of everyone left in the house, I can only see Jessie, Spencer or Elissa willing to make a bold move to shake the house and keep viewers engaged.

Unfortunately, the way things are going, the show just isn’t interesting.  Who wants to watch something predictable? No one!  Perhaps some more twists are in the mix, like the Coup d’ Etat, a MVP vote where America decides who goes home, the ability to bring a player back into the game or a perhaps a triple eviction. If the players are not willing to make moves to make the game interesting, how about letting the viewers do it for them!  Please let next season be a “Big Brother: All Stars 2.” The newbies just don’t get it, we want people who are here to play the game, not play follow the leader. The houseguests were in for a shock on Thursday, as a double eviction took place sending home both Candice and Judd; but wait, there’s more: those evictees will become members of the jury!  That’s right they’ll be nine members this season instead of seven.  Which means the backstabbers should be frightened because those you screw will control your fate and they may come back into the house to shake things up. Guess this explains why I only watch on Thursdays to see who gets the boot.

By LaDale Anderson