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Teresa Giudice from the “Real Housewives of New Jersey”

HOLLYWOOD—Hollywood’s A-list celebrities every summer travel toEurope. Whether it’s Italy, France, Spain or Portugal, they love to travel.  Some love to go to South Beach, while others love to go to the Hamptons. It didn’t take long for the reality star Teresa Giudice from the “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” to hit the Hamptons. Last week we reported that their travel extended to only New Jersey and New York so they are not in default.

Three days later after being hit with the 39-count indictment alleging bank and bankruptcy fraud they were found shopping at a Hampton’s trunk show. It didn’t take long for Teresa to begin posting a series of photos on Instagram about her trip to the Hamptonsand time spent with the family. According to RadarOnline, the reality star seems to be very carefree for a couple of reasons: Mrs. Giudice has seen how the legal system works, how long it has taken for Joe’s driver license fraud case to come to surface about two years and counting and she believes the same thing will happen with this case, she feels that Joe “is going to take the fall for everything.”  She even took to Twitter as well, thanking her fans for supporting her.

Celebrities love to go on Instagram as much as Twitter. It’s really hard to resist the uninterrupted free speech that social media offers. Celebrities give in to the temptation like everyone of us from time-to-time. Twitter provides the 140 characters for public displays of discord, self-righteous ego stroking, and the opportunity to set any record straight that might be askew. Twitter also enlightens the less fortunate who don’t do research to know the truth. Venting happens. Eight celebrities that turned to Twitter: Justin Bieber, Keyshia Cole, Kim Kardashian, Amanda Bynes, Nicki Minaj and now Chris Brown. On August 6, Brown tweeted to mainstream America that his upcoming album “X,” will probably be his last. Some might say is that a promise or a threat?

Brown, who spent 45 minutes at a Los Angeles area jail being processed for an alleged hit and run, continued: “Being famous is amazing when it’s for your music and talent. I’m tired of being famous for a mistake I made when I was 18. I’m cool and over it!” Interesting, he’s referring, to his infamous beating of then-girlfriend Rihanna before the 2009 Grammy Awards, for which, by the way, he’s still on probation. Rihanna, of course, on the same day was in Barbados. She wore a befeathered and bejeweled bikini costume during a parade in the island nation. With a flask in hand, the St. Michael born singer toasted Kadooment Day, a national holiday that celebrates the end of the sugar-cane harvest with wild costumes and calypso music.

R&B music star Usher had the scare of his life when his 5-year-old son was hospitalized on August 5. The child is expected to recover after his arm got stuck in a pool drain. Two men who were working inside the star’s home were able to rescue him and free Usher Raymond V from the drain. The boy was given CPR and then taken to an Atlanta-area hospital. The boy is the oldest of Usher’s two sons with ex-wife Tameka Foster, whose 11-year-old son died last year after he was struck by a personal watercraft on a Georgia lake.

Speaking of music, when Jay-Z speaks people listen, including Kanye West who was told by Jay-Z to “chill out,” with the paparazzi. Jay-Z has offered his pal some advice on how to deal with the intense media attention.  Jay-Z’s recent performance at a New York gallery is documented in an HBO documentary short titled, “Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film.” The rapper-turned business mogul chronicled the event in a documentary short and is now available on YouTube. In recent years, musicians such as West, Beyonce and Jay-Z have made attempts to bridge the gap between urban music and the art world. Just one week prior, exhibits ranging from $10,000 to $500,000 filled the same Chelsea ground-floor space that hosted his six-hour rap performance.

Rose’s Scoop: Supermodel Elle Macpherson is off the market. She eloped last month with her billionaire boyfriend Jeffrey Soffer in Fiji, People magazine reported.

By Rose Quintiliano