The Mystery Blonde Man On “GH” Is…


HOLLYWOOD—It has been the revelation fans of “General Hospital” has been eagerly waiting since the return of Roger Howarth during the first week of May sweeps.  After weeks of speculation and countless clues, the mystery blonde’s character was revealed on Wednesday, May 29.  He is none other than Franco.  Yes, that’s right; the elusive and eccentric psychopath is back.

For those who haven’t been up to date with rumblings at “GH” Franco was last portrayed by Oscar nominee James Franco. He was Jason’s (Steve Burton) twin brother who was stolen at the hospital by whack job Heather (Robin Mattson).  Franco was presumed dead after being shot multiple times by Jason and left inside a burning building, but a body was never found.  You know what that means in the soap arena: no body, there’s a chance for a comeback.

Now that I think about it all the clues were there.  The sabotage at “The Chew” was Franco’s way of punishing his brother A.J. (Sean Kanan) and his aunt Tracy (Jane Elliott).  His obsession with Samantha Morgan (Kelly Monaco) was a dead ringer.  He raped Jason’s one true love and made the couple believe that Sam was carrying his baby and not Jason’s.  The pivotal clue was his visit with Heather Webber.  Who else could be as unhinged as that nut job?

The bigger question for the residents of Port Charles is now that Franco has returned just what plans does he have for his family and his cohorts. A.J. has never met his half brother so that is an interesting interaction to watch.  In addition, Sam will have to grapple with the evil mastermind, as will Sonny (Maurice Benard) considering that Jason is dead.  Or is he? The bigger plotline involves the big revelation of Franco’s daughter Lauren Frank (Kristen Alderson).  Lauren was the missing Quartermaine heir, but with Franco back in the mix; it means both father and daughter own a share in ELQ.

Lauren’s mother, Ava (Maura West) has been keeping the identity of her baby daddy from Kiki aka Lauren, whose shocked by the revelation.  Her mother was quite adamant in getting her to sign the papers giving Tracy her shares of ELQ, but Lauren was inquisitive about what she was signing, which angered her mother.

The big bombshell of the week was Franco’s revelation that he never raped Sam, he just wanted Jason to think it, but the shocker for the gathering involves the revelation of what Franco did to Michael (Chad Duell) while he was in prison, which sends A.J. into a fury. With Franco back in town, it’s only a matter of time before he comes face-to-face with the daughter he never knew, and I’m certain he has other plans intact to destroy the lives of those who call Port Charles home. “General Hospital” airs weekdays at 2 p.m. on ABC.

By LaDale Anderson