HOLLYWOOD—Everyone seems to be in danger this episode. When it comes to being under Richard Roper’s suspicions, some do not survive.

This episode we get to see the kingdom Roper has built with his business: Haven. Haven, in Turkey, is entered after passing a refugee camp that Roper built to distract people from looking at his army of mercenaries and where he stores his weapons.

On the plane ride to Turkey Roper talks to Pine about their being a leak in their group showing him pictures of the paperwork that we the audience know Pine had sent Burr. Roper believes the untrustworthy person is either Pine, Jed Marshal, Sandy Langbourne or Corky.

Back in London Rex Mayhew continues to get bribes by being offered the position of assistant secretary to the royal family. He visits Angela Burr and she updates him on Roper, but he breaks the news to her that he is being reassigned.

One of the moments the audience has been waiting is seeing what Roper’s weapons can really do. Mr. Barghati arrives to view the presentation of the weapons he is about to purchase. Pine, as Andrew Birch, is given the honor of hosting the demonstration.

Missiles are fired, cars and planes with whoever is driving them are shot down, and all the while Pine is telling Mr. Barghati the specifics of the weapons. It ends with planes raining down fiery napalm bombs. Pine watches with a serious expression as he looks at the destruction. Roper says elatedly, “War is a spectator sport.”

Burr is showing her pregnancy as she stresses at the office. Neal stops by to tell her funding has been stopped and he has been called back to the U.S. It seems Burr is losing all her important players.

Roper begins to gather everyone he is suspicious of around him as Corky and Jed arrive at Haven. Meanwhile Burr also seems in danger as Geoffrey Dromgoole is at her house late at night to question her about the paperwork. Dromgoole warns her firmly to not get in the way of Roper.

Now comes the most stressful part of the episode as the lights go out in Haven and Jed and Roper are left alone. Jed asks why she is there; Roper tells her his suspicions and then hits her when she claims not to know what he is talking about.

Roper leaves to find out who messed with the lights and Pine comes into the rescue for Jed. He tells her the truth of why he is there and Jed seems to be on his side to help take down Roper, even though it means throwing her friend, Corky, under the bus.

Once Roper returns, Jed spins a tail to Roper telling him she had taken pictures on her phone of the paperwork to find out what he really did for a living. She hints that Corky had her phone at one point before she was able to delete the pictures and apologizes.

Pine escapes from Haven to give a taxi driver a note with the license plate numbers of the convoy carrying the weapons, paying him to drive to Istanbul to deliver the note and promises more money will be at his destination. The taxi driver complies and the note is able to make its way to Burr.

Burr is then able to convince Mayhew on his last day at his current position to sign a letter so U.S. troops will be able to stop and search the convoy. After Neal receives the letter signed by Mayhew he is able to move funding to those troops.

As Pine returns from delivering the note he is caught by Corky. A fight ensues and Pine kills Corky after sending guards to get Roper. He tells Roper he had caught Corky coming back through a hole in the fence.

Convoy day! Maybe Roper will finally be caught. The convoy arrives at the border and everyone in Turkey and London is watching the U.S. troops search through the trucks to find only farm equipment. Roper seems to love using his decoys.

Neal harshly reprimands Burr for her crap information and it looks like her operation might come to an end. As she arrives home she sees her house has been burglarized and she finds her husband bleeding from a hit over the head.

To end the episode we come full circle from episode one. Roper and his crew have left Haven and are now on vacation in Cairo, Egypt at the Nefertiti Hotel. Pine watches as Roper and Jed check into the exact same room he had found Sophie Alaken dead in years prior.

I have a sneaking suspicion more people will be dying in the season finale next week!