HOLLYWOOD—Episode four of “The Night Manager” had me screaming at the TV like I was watching a bad horror movie instead of an action drama! In this episode, we get to question whose side Pine is on.

We begin with Richard Roper telling Jonathon Pine, now “Andrew Birch,” about the straw man operation he is about to embark upon. Pine is Roper’s lead actor in the upcoming sales of what we the audience know is arms in Istanbul. Jed Marshall interrupts the business meeting and shows she is still not happy with Roper by subtly asking Pine which identity she should use for him.

Angela Burr is getting closer to concrete evidence against Roper. She convinces Juan Apostal, former friend of Roper, to decipher the code from the paperwork Pine had sent her last episode.

Inside Pine’s little abode on Roper’s estate he gets a late night visit from Jed. He is cautious knowing the danger of talking to Roper’s girlfriend alone, in the middle of the night, so he questions her about her relationship and about her son. She tells him that she was a teenage mom, so she left her son with her sister, and Roper wasn’t supposed to know because what he bought in New York was a beautiful young woman.

I got to yell at the TV for the first time while Pine is telling Jed to leave and they end up kissing.

Back in London, Rex Mayhew gets bullied by almost being run off the road by two vans. Burr tells Mayhew about the papers and shows him that Roper buys the weaponry without the middle men really knowing what they are selling, and then he sells it for a profit of $240 million. There is one question left about the paperwork: who are Halo and Felix?

Corky’s jealousy is starting to get hard to control since he has been dethroned by Pine from his position as Roper’s right hand man. Corky tells Pine that if Roper finds out about Jed’s midnight visit, Roper will ruin her face so much that not even the best plastic surgeon could fix it. Then right after that threat, Corky makes a big scene at lunch and tells Roper to his face that he is a blind man who can’t see the grenade sitting in front of him.

Burr has a friend at The River House named Harry who tells her that Halo is Geoffrey Dromgoole from River House and Felix is someone named Langley in London. Turns out Roper has friends in high places and Dromgoole along with others at River House have been falsifying paperwork for Roper.

The next scene is a get together with Pine, Sandy Langbourne, Roper and Jed. Ok, TV, are you ready to be yelled at again? How could Pine and Jed think it is a good idea to have sex in a hotel while Roper and Langbourne are only a few blocks away!

More evidence is gathered for Burr as her friend Harry is able to tip her off to Roper and “Birch’s” sales meeting in Instanbul. Mayhew shows the paperwork to Pamela from River House, not realizing they are working with Roper. There is some suspicion that Roper has friends in even higher places.

Now Roper and Pine are in Istanbul to do the deal, and Pine gets woken up in the middle of the night by a phone call from Jed. Luckily he tells her they can’t be on the line together and hangs up.

Pine earns more respect in Roper’s eyes when he smoothly handles the deal after it looked like the seller was going to back out. Charm seems to go a long when you’re an arms dealer. Pine signs all the paperwork, so Roper doesn’t have a connection to any of it.

In the night Pine, Roper, Langbourne and some others in the company head to the dock to gather their purchase. Inside the ship the boxes are checked out and we finally get to see the actual guns and weapons that Roper has been dealing with.

At the pinnacle of the episode, two dramatic things happen. First, Neal goes looking for Apostal and finds him murdered in his bed with a woman. Second, Burr’s people call Pine and reprimand him for starting a relationship with Jed.

Burr fires Pine telling him to gather his stuff and leave the operation. Pine in returns heads to Roper’s room and tells him they are being watched by British police, not naming anyone, and Roper’s whole party, including Pine, evacuates the location. Burr finds out Pine left with Roper and is furious.

Whose side is Pine now on, Burr’s, Roper’s, or his own? Only two more episodes until we find out!