HOLLYWOOD—The twisted cover-up continues on the hit BET series “The Oval.” This week’s episode, ‘Hidden Secrets’ saw Hunter and Victoria Franklin realize they have a problem with their son, Jason, who happens to be a serial killer people. Yeah, thinking you could just sweep this under the rug had my head scratching people.

Priscilla was disappointed with her husband’s decision to take a job with the First Lady who is playing him like a fiddle. I already pointed it out that Priscilla was going to be the key to exposing Jason, getting to the bottom of things with Jean, exposing Victoria and all the other chaos that is exploding in her orbit. Diane alerted Bobby that she was planning to get back on the inside by aligning with Donald even though she knows it’s dangerous.

Bobby and Max decided to check in on Lilly to ensure all is well. Jean’s boyfriend was stunned to enter her apartment and to find the place completely ransacked. He alerted Priscilla about the situation and she informed him to not touch anything and to leave the place right away.

Sharon was hoping to dig for information from Dale about that cult and she got some Intel, but NOT a ton, but enough to help her explore things. As she was training Dale, Barry showed up at the pharmacy. Barry, just say it already, damn, I cannot stand this beating around the bush crap. Sharon dropped the tea that she took a pregnancy test, but did not get into the details. Kareem witnessed Barry and Sharon arguing and Nancy interrupted the situation before it could get more intense just as Kareem intervened and Sharon had to play Mama Bear in the worst way possible.

Sharon had reached her wit’s end and was ready to sever all ties with hothead Barry people. So we got the official confirmation that Sharon is indeed pregnant and with Barry’s son. Kareem pleaded his case to Sharon to cut Barry, but it was apparent that her heart belongs to Barry. Yeah, Sharon’s life is a bit complicated to say the least America.

Donald arranged for Jason to meet with Dr. Meadows to help treat Jason. Victoria did her best to alert Dr. Meadows Jason was more danger than she expected, but it she failed to heed that advice. Jason seemed to think he had a leg up on the doctor who was sent to ‘help’ him. He shared information about his parents and their antics.

The games that people play as Donald and Victoria fished for information from one another. Donald poked at the bear, and she poked back at him about his alternative lifestyle. I mean Victoria pegged Donald’s sexuality for a million miles away. With Alan walking in on Kyle and Donald kissing, that complicates the matter more. Looks like these two know each other better than they think.

It was apparent Dr. Meadows was disturbed by Jason who masturbated right in front of her. Yeah, that is what you call pushing the envelope a bit too much for my liking America. Bobby really, you act like you’re married to Lilly. Ellie found herself being tempted by Hunter unaware that Alan was just waiting to explode on his lover. Kyle alerted Donald that he needed to go to his house to ensure that Lilly is not being aided by anyone. He made veiled threats that he would be willing to off Lilly to ensure their secrets are not exposed. I was certain the doctor would be running to the hills after what Jason just pulled. She was willing to assist, but only if she had a conversation with the entire first family.

Looks like Richard is still digging to confirm who the father of Nancy’s son is. Sam confronted Richard about Friday and his cheating ways. Back at Lilly and Donald’s house, Lilly was busy taking pictures of documents, but found herself caught by Kyle, who decided he was about to handle a situation. She informed him to get out, but it only riled up Kyle more. He cut her connection with all phone lines and was planning an attack. I guess it is a good thing Bobby and Max were headed to the house. The drama continues next week “The Oval” fanatics!