HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “The Oval” was one of the best I’ve seen in some time with surprises, wicked dialogue and just fun storytelling America. This week’s episode, ‘In Need of Protection’ saw Allan discover firsthand when Victoria Franklin issues a threat she means it. Allan was ready to put up a fight with a butcher knife, but that was until the culprit pulled out a gun on him. Hmm, I still don’t think Victoria’s tactic is going to yield the results she wants especially with Priscilla playing puppet master as of late.

Victoria gloated about Allan getting a forceful beat down until he gave her what she wanted. I wonder what Hunter will say if he discovers what Victoria is up to behind the scenes. Hunter overheard that Victoria was having a secret conversation and it raised blinders where he planned to start digging for the truth. Dale wanted Sharon to go home and get rest, but she refused at first, but after constant pressure she threw in the towel, but promised to return.

Barry and Nancy had a heart-to-heart, but it turned into laughter when she realized her son was high on weed. Really, Richard, we’re back to the ignore your wife behavior? Richard soon realized that his son was high as well based on his emotional behavior. Sam wanted to question Priscilla about her relationship with Victoria’s father, but she refused to answer his questions. Priscilla was not interested in Sam playing the role of the victim, and Sam expected his wife might be a member of the FBI, CIA, who knows?

Sam you don’t have the power anymore and I love that Priscilla is keeping Sam and Victoria on edge people. Nancy attempted to seduce Richard with a bit of lingerie, but he was not in the least bit interested. Nancy decided to take Barry up on his offer even though she suffers from asthma. Nancy attempted to woo Richard with weed, who refused, but ultimately took a puff or two and it looks like Barry’s plan to get his parents to reconcile might actually work, with the one thing no one expected: weed. It was a hilarious moment as Barry walked in on his parents.

Things get more interesting, as Kyle paid Dale a visit to check in on him. Dale was startled by his presence. Dale suspected that Kyle may have played a role in his shooting. Kyle had no idea how frazzled Dale is with his presence. Kyle offered to allow Dale to recuperate at his place, but it only annoyed Dale that much more. He later confessed that he knows who shot him, before unleashing more rage into the pharmacy clerk.

The games that Lilly and Donald are playing at this point are getting a bit boring. It is no secret that they are both playing each other and they both know it. Lilly was hoping to get Donald out of the house because she wanted to check in on Bobby, which later turned into sex, just as Allan was nervous that Victoria wanted to see him in the flesh ASAP. Allan begged for mercy, Victoria was adamant that the butt kicking would transpire nightly until he got Ellie in check. Allan issued threats, which Victoria found to be hilarious.

Victoria was on a high for most of the episode, but we all know you can only stay on top for so long. Wow, Hunter wanted Donald to make the move to ensure that Victoria’s father was taken out. So Donald has his hands in many cookie jars, one’s that are NOT without risk. So Hunter thinks Victoria’s father may have tried to assassinate him, so he wants to retaliate. Allan is NOT backing down from Victoria’s demands and looks like he is planning to cover his bases.

Max was stunned to wake up and discover that Blakely has bolted, which prompted him to contact Bobby to alert him of the situation. Questions continue to heighten about Martin not being in contact so the people who are to trust one another are starting to question each other. Max found himself arrested by agents, but the audience doesn’t know exactly who they work for which ultimately spooked Bobby who was listening before ending the call.

Next week, more surprises are in store for the characters we love and the characters we hate. Until then “The Oval” fanatics!