HOLLYWOOD—You want a cliffhanger, audiences were delivered just that last week on Tyler Perry’s “The Oval.” How so? Dale, Sharon and Richard had their vehicle struck by members of the Rakadushi causing the vehicle to be involved in a terrible crash. This week’s episode, ‘It Hurt’ picked up right where things left off last week, with Richard rescuing Sharon and Dale, but it was Sharon who was in a dire situation people.

Victoria confronted Hunter about sleeping with Ellie, and he did it in front of Allan and Ellie. Hunter was as abusive as impossible with his words. Again Victoria it is not wise to gloat someone like Allan who is abusive towards women people. However, all that huffing and puffing between the President and the First Lady was halted when Donald relayed that her ‘father’ wanted to speak to her. We’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Just who is Victoria’s dear ole dad and why is she more afraid of him than her mother people?

We saw him in the flesh and looked more like a cigar titan, who was portrayed by actor Bill Duke. I thought we were going to get some threatening politician, not the case. I was indeed disappointed with the result. Richard had Dale contact Nancy to let her know that Sharon was hospitalized as a result of a car crash and questions about her survival were lingering by a thread. Richard must really hate his wife to ask a complete stranger to call her to alert her of the situation.

Sam the power player people, he realized that Kyle was hiding secrets and suspended him as a result, as he dug deeper into the 911 tapes about Jean’s death. Kyle issued veiled threats, but little did he know Sam was not in the least bit scared people. So it appears things are indeed moving in the right direction of the Presidential cover-up being exposed.

Lilly and Donald had an honest conversation about his sexuality and their marriage woes and it was intense people. The one caveat being the bomb that Donald dropped that he was responsible for Bobby being in their lives to use as leverage against Lilly against she attempted to divorce him. Interesting, very interesting, and things only heated up more when Priscilla spilled some piping hot tea to a confidant about the scandal unfolding inside The White House. I got the vibe that this guy might not be trustworthy, but maybe that was just my gut instinct talking.

Tensions rose between Blakely, Max and Bobby as questions about a CIA agent that she knows is trusted source. Ok all the dots are connecting people, because Blakely knows the agent that Priscilla just spoke to. Blakely dropped a bomb noting that Bobby is keeping secrets, 4 years of his life that are untraceable. Caught in a corner, Bobby was forced to spill the truth about him being in Moscow, the more secrets, the more intriguing people. This Blakely and Max pairing is interesting.

Nancy was livid when she arrived to the hospital and learned from Dale that Richard was keeping secrets. Dale spilled the tea about that secret compound and that members of the cult may have run them off the road. Kareem was worried sick about Sharon’s whereabouts, and when Nancy came face-to-face with Kareem she was not pleased to learn Nancy was in the presence.

This was a verbal fight I was intrigued to witness as Ms. Nancy let Kareem have a taste of her wicked tongue. Nancy arrived home and was stunned to find Barry’s body on the table. He doesn’t look dead, but it seems the cult was scared to say the least people. Next week is amplifying the chaos as it looks like Jason is up to his stalker antics and Ellie might be in his crosshairs. Until next week “The Oval” fanatics!