HOLLYWOOD—Jason Franklin is an idiot. He managed to outwit his captor on “The Oval” and make an escape, but does he realize he is about to place himself in more danger? Let’s just say Sam and Richard are not going to be happy. This week’s episode, ‘Out of Line’ saw Allan falling back in line with his old job even though he realizes the danger is still imminent.

Allan received a visit from Alonzo where he was updated about the dirty dealings inside The White House. Allan sold that tale to Alonzo who was baffled by the reveal. When tea was spilled by Alonzo that he took Hunter to gets whores and cocaine, he was warned by Allan to be careful. Give her the Oscar already because Victoria could care less about the ‘death’ of Jason, just as Priscilla unnerved the First Lady. I love that Priscilla gets under Victoria’s skin.

She posed questions about Sam, and she attempted to get under Priscilla’s skin, but she didn’t allow her to push her buttons. Oh, I want to see a catfight between these two ladies so bad. Hunter and Victoria traded spars per usual as alluded to the fact that his wife was up to something and brought Jason to the forefront. Questions were posed to Victoria about rather she looked at Jason’s face when she injected him with that poison to kill him. For Victoria to be so bright, she is stupid for not picking up on what Hunter was delivering to her.

Hunter suspects Donald and Victoria are aligned and that is not good. He asked outright where is Jason and Victoria didn’t seem to realize that her husband is not as stupid as she thinks. Eli and Simone were preparing for their visit with POTUS and the First Lady to apologize, but little does Simone know her hubby is sleeping with the enemy.

Nancy was still worried about Barry’s whereabouts and was planning to search for her son on her own. Dale stopped by to pick up Sharon for work. Bobby and Max discussed how to navigate dealing with their enemies. The plan was to kill their enemies and make it appear like an accident. What is the end game with these two? I want to see them make a move to take out the threats and no look back. Lily stopped by Kareem’s pharmacy to pick up a prescription, but she was struggling in serious pain and nearly fainted.

Kareem was ready to call 911, but Lily deflected she needed to rest for a moment. He managed to give her the meds which she desperately needed, before she broke down in tears. Her actions forced Kareem to wonder if Lily was being physically abused. Nancy wanted confirmation from Sharon about the location of the cult that kidnapped Barry. Oh, no, please don’t tell me Nancy is about to be an idiot and trek up to that cult compound and place herself in some serious danger?

Per usual, Donald just cannot resist flirting by embracing Allan in a hug that Kyle witnessed making him jealous to say the least. Eli, Simone, Bobby, Max, Kyle, Donald, Allan, Hunter and Victoria all came face-to-face. That stare down between Kyle and Max was so much fun. I wish Tyler Perry would stop stalling with this stale dialogue. Victoria traded jabs with Allan about their losses and it was a moment to say the least. Donald attempted to charm Hunter, but he was not pleased, and it appeared a drink was going to calm his nerves or rattle them even more.

The moment the audience has been waiting for, as Donald attempted to dismiss Bobby and Max, but they refused, as the apology fest was about to start. Barbs were traded by Victoria, Bobby, Max and Kyle that were hilarious. Hunter was an ass per usual, as Victoria and Donald tried to barter the peace.

The tension between Victoria and Simone was intense, as Hunter made it clear he was in no mood to continue to play games, that prompted Eli to issue his apologize and headed to cable news to clear their name. It appears Hunter had NO IDEA of what Victoria and Donald were up to and the question of video proof came to light.

A three-point plan was discussed to salvage the truth to improve the image of the POTUS and a mishap with the drink only rattled Hunter more. Nancy decided like the bonehead that she is to go to that compound and spotted Callie and found herself accosted by a member of the cult who was armed with a gun and she couldn’t get her lies straight. Danger was imminent and she fought like hell to escape, but it doesn’t look like she’s winning.

Oh snap, next week looks epic as the bomb is dropped by Hunter about Jason not being dead, Bobby flirts with Priscilla and Lily might have a plan to vanish from Donald’s clutches. Hmm, I wonder if viewers might have to wait till after the holidays for new episodes of “The Oval.” It should be worth the wait.