SAN FRANCISCO—The Rotunda restaurant, located on the fourth floor of the Neiman Marcus building, which overlooks Union Square, has laid off staff in preparation to close indefinitely. The tentative closure was announced in late September. The restaurant is notable for its 80-foot-tall indoor Christmas tree, and is part of a historical building of San Francisco.

Diondre Davis, an employee at The Rotunda told Hoodline, “We were furloughed in March 2020 and received word via conference call [in mid-September] that the Rotunda will be closing indefinitely and will be laying off all its staff.” He added, “We were told that they may reopen in the future and that they would reach back out, but that remains to be seen. The company as a whole has closed quite a few key restaurant locations.” 

Neiman Marcus is a U.S. retailer chain which recently closed its sole New York City store at the new Hudson Yards complex and filed for bankruptcy in May. 

The Neiman Marcus building is a five-story commercial department establishment located at 150 Stockton Union Square. The building was previously San Francisco’s City of Paris Department Store until 1974, when it was purchased by Dallas-based retailer Neiman-Marcus.