HOLLYWOOD—Alright peeps, we’ve reached the penultimate episode of season six of “The Walking Dead.” I always love penultimate episodes as they tease in a very good way. This week’s episode, ‘East’ revolved around the factoid that the Alexandrians are aware that Carol has gone MIA, which does not bode well. Could this be a sign that our fearless, second in command could meet her demise in next week’s finale courtesy of Negan. We shall see.

‘East’ kicked off with a tense tease; a bullet through a car, blood on the cement, a spear/pole through the car and lots of blood. So who was injured? This is “The Walking Dead” people, it won’t be that easy. A flashback revealed Carol writing her goodbye letter to Tobin, just as she packed up plenty of supplies before her decision to leave Alexandria. The audience then gets a montage of everyone in Alexandria, getting back to normal, but all is not as it seems. Rick and Michonne were cozy in bed, but Daryl’s decision to venture beyond the gate worried everyone, which prompted Michonne, Glenn and Rosita to go after him.

Rick received word that Carol left, and he later discovered that Glenn, Michonne, Daryl and Rosita are also missing. This prompted Rick and Morgan to search for the others. Carol was seen driving in a vehicle, and ambushed by a crew of people who fired several shots at her. She exited the vehicle unscathed, but it was apparent that the new threat wanting answers.

Good job Carol at creating a ruse so that you protect the others back in Alexandria. Looks like this crew knows a lot more about Carol and the Alexandrians than she suspects, which caused Carol to ‘act out’ to protect her own, and she fired at her suitors. She killed all of them, except for one, who exited ready for blood, but Carol gained the edge as expected. So that entire tease at the beginning of the episode, was for a group of people the audience barely knows? What, another survivor, make that two? Morgan and Rick stumbled upon Carol’s mess, but she was MIA. The duo decided to follow a trail of blood which led them to being spied on by a Savior who retrieved Carol’s cross.

Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita returned to the scene where Denise was killed, and located Daryl’s bike. Rosita was hesitant about divulging information to Glenn about the direction Daryl was headed to go after Dwight. Speaking of Daryl, he was seen looking for prey in the fields and nearly shot Rosita. Glenn did his best to talk sense into Daryl, who did not want to listen.

He refused to return to Alexandria without seeking vengeance first. Oh, great, Rosita decided to tag along with him, leaving Michonne and Glenn at a loss for words. They soon came face-to-face with a new threat, courtesy of Dwight, and they were outnumbered to say the least. I can see where next week’s finale is headed. Rick and Morgan became concerned that Carol’s injury could be more serious than she suspects. Morgan questioned Rick’s decision to exile Carol from the prison after her actions. Rick and Morgan armed themselves as a horde of walkers were on the attack. Question: why in the world would Morgan purposely sabotage Rick’s aim to take out a threat? Did he not learn from his decision to horde a ‘Wolf’ who nearly killed Denise?

Morgan confessed to Rick that he secretly harbored the enemy in Alexandria. He later explained that Carol learned about his secret and led to a battle royal, and Denise was nearly killed. Morgan’s actions made perfect sense, after listening to them, but my gut reaction told me that Rick was ready to deliver a punch to his friend. Was Morgan crazy; did he honestly think Rick would vacate the potential to save Carol? Ok, what in the world is transpiring? I feel like everyone has lost their mind. Rick arrived back at the camp, and became concerned about Michonne and Glenn’s whereabouts.

Maggie decided a makeover was intact, and she experienced unspeakable pains, it looks like her pregnancy is indeed at risk. The final moments of the episode saw Glenn and Michonne gagged and tied up, as Daryl and Rosita planned an ambush. It was a daring moment because it looks like Dwight fired a shot at Daryl as blood splattered on the screen. What the hell just happened?

So Carol looks safe, Daryl, Glenn, Rosita and Michonne are captured. Noooooooooo! I’m scared people; it looks like a fan favorite is about to come face-to-face with Negan and his infamous bat ‘Lucille.’ Prepare yourselves, because next week looks like a doozy. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!