HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was one of the bloodiest and emotionally punishing on viewers since the mid-season finale of season four. This week’s episode ‘Here’s Not Here’ was more of a character study for viewers. The episode opened with Morgan confessing his truth to someone, whose face the audience does not see. Apparently he’s lost his marbles to a degree, as he does his best to reason with his actions, which have left him unhinged.

Out in the woods alone, Morgan does all he can to survive; starting fires utilizing dead zombies, hunting, and keeping a watchful eye for unexpected intruders. For a man who was unable to kill a human being when we last saw him, the audience now understands precisely why. Morgan has one hell of a dark side that he has managed to keep at bay.

Seeing him choke the life out of that one guy was painful. He stumbles across a cabin where he finds himself knocked out by a weapon he utilizes all too often: a wooden stick! To make matters worse, he finds himself locked in a cage, like a prisoner, screaming, “Kill me, kill me!”

Luckily for Morgan, his captor, Eastman had a bit more compassion than most human beings. Must say the first 30 minutes of the episode was a bit of a bore fest for me. I’m not used to seeing an episode focus the narrative solely on one character, especially when most viewers are dying to know precisely what transpired with Glenn after last week’s shocking episode. Who knew a zipper could become such a handy item to help Morgan in his escape? Eastman did his best to reason with Morgan who was just mentally determined to take out any human being that came into his presence. It was either kill or be killed for Morgan.

Morgan was knocking on death’s door, but his captor allowed him to live and Morgan chose to stay in the cage. Where the hell were the writers hoping to drive the narrative this week? To show Morgan’s compassionate side, or the calm before the storm, I’m not certain I get where things are going? Morgan unleashed a fury of rage when he realized the pet goat was in danger.

Interesting, our newest character found it humane to bury the walkers that have been killed by carving headstones using IDs he found. Morgan found himself being trained by Eastmen. Ok, the episode now makes a bit more sense, as it showcased who Morgan was before finding a bigger purpose in life.

Morgan’s brief momentarily lapse of judgement resulted in his mentor being bitten by a walker. The two went to battle and he learned once again that you have to be careful with the battles that you choose. He came across two humans who offered food and a bullet as a salvation from him killing them. He returned to the cabin to find the pet goal viciously eaten by a walker.

The effects of the walker bite took a toll on Eastman who confided to Morgan that the cabin was his for safe keeping, but our wise one chose to venture out on his own. The final moments of the episode concluded with Morgan having a conversation with that member of the Wolf Pack that the audience thought was long gone. He was very much alive, and suffering from a walker bite. Morgan shared his tale of reform with him, and this idiot made threats about killing him and those in Alexandria. What? This moron Morgan kept this villain around to wreck more havoc?

It’s becoming clear that Morgan is a complex character and he’s survived some things that have impacted his life in a way that is difficult to describe. Looks like next Sunday we’ll get back to the narrative of season six that has everyone on edge. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!