HOLLYWOOD—“The Walking Dead” kicked off season six with a bang, and episode two ‘JSS’ continued that chaos for fans. The episode opened with two stranglers attacked by walkers, but that soon turned into only one survivor. That survivor was Enid, whose backstory fans were wondering about. She left several signs with the letters ‘JSS’ as a message for help. The audience soon discovers at the end of the episode it represents: Just Survive Somehow.

The series is continuing to play with the time element this season as it became apparent the lone survivor had been struggling to survive for quite some time, turning a turtle into a tasty meal. Trust me it was a hard scene to watch. Enid soon found herself stumbling into Alexandria, but had trepidation about entering at first. Must say I’m quite intrigued to learn more about who this character is.

Carol continued to be cold to Sam per usual, just as Ron refused to get a haircut from his mother. Ron is not happy with Rick, not one bit. Uh-oh, Rick could be in trouble. Maggie and Deanna bonded about planting a garden with fresh fruits and veggies. Denise was a bit standoffish with Tara and Eugene about her new position as the doctor in town. Carl was none too happy with Father Gabriel who snitched his group out, but it became apparent he needed the people who rescued him more than he thought. What? Father Gabriel now wants to learn what it takes to survive when an epidemic explodes.

The town was under attack as Carol watched one of her neighbors get brutally murdered with a machete, Richard was set ablaze and war was brewing. Oh, my God; this episode was super intense. Carl and Carol armed themselves with weaponry, and so did Jessie to protect herself and her son. Carl was in protection mode with the newest resident to Alexandria. Carol was a little too late to save a fellow resident. Panic further ensued when Spencer was unable to stop intruders from murdering residents.

We now know what was responsible for that loud horn heard from last week’s episode: it was a walker crashing a truck into the tower. Carl was forced to kill someone to protect Ron, just as Jessie bludgeoned a woman to protect her son. Ron simply watched in horror as his mother violently killed a woman. Morgan was a bit aloof to the mayhem that was surrounding the town as he attempted to reason with Carol that murder was not the answer. I was literally left baffled by his reasoning. This was no time for a morality talk; it’s either kill or be killed.

Just as I predicted, Father Gabriel almost met his end, but Morgan intervened. Carol did the wise thing to secure the weaponry division. What the hell does the ‘W’ on the top of their head stand for? It stands for the wolves! It became apparent Morgan was aware who the intruders in Alexandria were and his decision to allow the enemy to escape will come back to haunt him, and I suspect not in a good way.

The newest doctor in town proved to flake, as Tara and Eugene attempted to reassure her, and it became apparent someone has been sending photos of the town of Alexandria to the intruders. Start making those predictions fans because I’m certain the answer is quite obvious.

The episode concluded with Morgan under attack and having to come to grips with killing a human being. Morgan and Carol crossed paths for the last time apparently; at least that is what the audience is made to believe. Things are seriously getting good, until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!