HOLLYWOOD—The mid-season finale of season six of “The Walking Dead” left so much up in the air, and the series returned Sunday night with casualties that will leave fans reeling, literally. Not much bloodshed occurred during the first half of season, but the return episode ‘No Way Out’ made sure to make-up for it.

MAJOR SPOILERS PEOPLE STOP READING IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE EPISODE! We witnessed the demise of Jessie, Sam and Ron. It was perhaps the most heartbreaking thing I’ve witnessed in the series to date.

The episode opened with a very tense moment involving Abraham, Sasha and Daryl being confronted by members of Negan’s crew who confiscated their weapons. Gosh, this guy talking is annoying the hell out of me; he made threats and out of nowhere and explosion deciphered the entire crew. Where did that come from?

It was Daryl to the rescue yet again. Back in Alexandria, Rick decided to allow Father Gabriel to take Judith for safety, just as Denise found herself in dire straits thanks to the wicked ‘Wolf’ member. Glenn and Lydia planned to lit the church on fire to rescue Maggie from imminent death. It was so much utter chaos my body was shaking, and it only heightened as the crew found themselves walking through hordes of walkers in the dark, yes people, in the dark.

Sam looked like he was on the verge of exploding having to revisit words that he heard from Carol. It resulted in a splinter in the group and the most devastating moments in the shows history. Seeing Sam get devoured by the walkers literally tore my heart apart. Moments later Jessie finds herself being devoured by the walkers, while gripping onto Carl’s arm. I’m crying people; this was just heartstrings on the body. Gosh, I wish Sam would have went with Father Gabriel.

This forced Rick who was a complete mess to axe off her arm, but not before Ron pointed a gun at Rick and Carl. Jesus, the show just jumped from a 10 to a 20, but Michionne launched her sword through his chest. All is not well, because a shot was fired causing Carl to lose an eye. Carol came to Denise’s rescue by shooting the ‘Wolf’ dead when he was actually there to save her life. It’s amazing how emotionally connected to these characters that I am, one minute I hate this character the next moment I’m rooting for him.

This is literally the most emotionally draining episode of television, but perhaps the most gripping thing I’ve watched in years. With Judith being safe, Father Gabriel finally decided to take a stand and fight along his comrades to save their little town, as did Morgan after a bit of hesitation.

Watching Rick go for retribution with the walkers after seeing Carl helpless proved how much of a family these people truly are. Michionne and the others dove into action to help Rick take out as many walkers as they possibly could. To be honest I probably would have done the same thing. Anger has a way of causing people to react violently and only infused camaraderie with the rest of the residents in Alexandria. I’m loving this! Glenn was once again in dangerous waters, but Abraham and Sasha came to the rescue blowing off heads and in glory fashion.

Literally just 15 minutes ago, I was at my absolute worse, but I’ve been revitalized in ways that I never expected. The town united and started a firestorm that drew attention away from the walkers and pointed them to a new direction away from Alexandria, as walkers literally burnt to death in the flames at the lake. That montage of seeing the survivors take off head after head of walkers was a sight worth seeing.

The final moments of the episode saw Rick pour out his heart to Carl, hoping to see his son recover from his wound. Rick’s plea was heard because Carl moved his hand to respond. That was seriously one of the best episodes seen to date and I’m literally on edge to see what other chaos will transpire the rest of this season. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” enthusiasts!