“The Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Remember’

Rick and the rest of his crew arrived to their new 'home' in Sunday's episode.

HOLLYWOOD—I will admit, the first episode of the second half of season five of “The Walking Dead” was a treat, but the past few have just been filled with extreme boredom. I’m not sure what’s going down, but I’m hoping the series will regain its footing, considering there are only four more episodes before season five wraps.  In our latest installment, ‘Remember,’ Rick and the crew started to acclimate themselves in their new surroundings in Alexandria.

It’s a bit of an adjustment for the gang who has been on high alert for as long as I can remember. It seems just when they find themselves at a place of peace, something chaotic happens to disrupt all of that. Rick is having sleepless nights worried if their new ‘home’ is a place of sanctuary or a new hell.

The group did meet the person in charge of their new staple grounds Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh), a former Congresswoman who is the leader of Alexandria. She has a belief that all members of the community should have a job and ensures to find something that will fit each person’s personality. They were none too pleased having to surrender their weapons upon arrival that means they’re helpless, if something does indeed go down. That only heightened Rick’s level of uncertainty. I mean this guy trusts no one, but can you blame him?

The gang seems a bit stunned to see people operate their daily lives as if nothing ever happened. Yeah, it’s hard to acclimate yourself to normalcy after being chased around by flesh eating zombies who have literally ravished most of the planet.

Deanna became the community therapist as each member of the crew got the opportunity to disclose their fears and share a bit about themselves which the others had no clue about. Rick and the others got acclimated to having electricity, water and the ability to shower on a daily basis. Rick made a new friend in Jessie, who gave him a new haircut, I have the oddest feeling he will soon spark a relationship with her that will result in mayhem.

Its seems most of the crew is unable to shake their past, so much to the point that Rick and Carl both ventured beyond the gates back to a place familiar to them. It was here; that Rick attempted to retrieve that item he hid in that blender, but surprise it was already gone. He soon found himself surrounded by walkers, but luckily Carl was by his side.

Tara, Glen and Noah found themselves being trained by Aiden on the rules of hunting. I found that to be quite hilarious; a guy with little to no experience fighting to survive, trying to teach three people who have literally fought tooth and nail to survive.

Aiden is a bit of a dictator, but soon learned if you mess with one member of Rick’s crew, you mess with them all. When he attempted to push Glen’s buttons, the quiet one delivered a bunch that led to a battle royale, where Deanna was forced to pick sides and she chose the newbies.

The episode wrapped with Rick and Michionne embodying their new roles as the new authority figures in the community. He made it very clear to Daryl and Carol that if things don’t turn out happily ever after, they will take over the community without hesitation.