HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was one hell of a blood bath for the residents of Alexandria as the Wolves invaded the community, causing rifts in friendships along the way. This week’s episode ‘Thank You,’ examined the aftermath of that chaos as Rick, and those working to lead the walkers realized real danger was upon them, but left fans reeling with the death of a major player, maybe?

SPOILERS STOP READING NOW if you have not watched Sunday’s episode. Maggie’s world is about to be rocked beyond rocked because GLENN DIED!

This was a death that left me reeling, just like Beth, but before we discuss that fatality, let’s rewind a bit to see where the episode started. Glenn, Rick, Michionne and the rest of the gang rushed back to camp to halt the devastating sound that would put the walkers back in the vicinity of Alexandria.

The group was slowly turning against each other again. Rick made it clear that the focus was on saving their own, just as the walkers struck. It will always be the Alexandrians versus Rick and his crew. When the horn stopped, Rick went on a solo mission, just as Michionne and Glenn led the others back towards camp.

Daryl, Sasha and Abraham had a bit of a disagreement about how far they should lead the walkers, and Daryl placed a ripple in the plans. The group was close to getting home, but found themselves surrounded by a horde of walkers as Sturgess met a bloody demise. They were forced to hit out in a pet store as the walkers surrounded the windows and any chance for escape. Glenn put his life in risk to deter the walkers. This doesn’t sound good, could Maggie lose yet another loved one?

Michionne made it clear that she planned to ensure that they all made it back to Alexandria safe and sound, but found herself doing battle with Heath, who thinks he knows, but he doesn’t really know. Glenn and Nicholas realized the mission was imminent as gunfire continued to draw the walkers towards Alexandria. Rick with ferocity, rushed to get back the trailer, with an injured hand in play. Michionne and her crew soon found themselves surrounded by a massive herd of walkers where escape appeared impossible. The group implemented escape, but as always casualties occurred.

Nicholas and Glenn found themselves in a trapped situation, just as Michionne and the others did. This episode might be one of the most intense since the beginning of season five. Is this actually happening? Is Glenn about to die?

Nicholas in a state of shock blew off his head, which resulted in Glenn falling into the horde and savagely being ripped to pieces, at least that is what the audience is made to believe. Upon first seeing the scene, it looks as if Glenn is screaming in horror as his intestines are ripped apart, but then again, could that have been Nicholas getting ripped apart? Fingers crossed that some hope is still out there for Glenn, but considering the horde of walkers I don’t see how escape is possible.

“Walking Dead” why do you continue to do this to fans? You can’t keep taking these beloved characters from us in vicious fashion! Michionne looked speechless as she began to worry about rather Glenn made it safely back to camp. Rick radioed for Glenn, but little does he know, his pal is already long gone. He got an update from Daryl, just as Rick choose to not head back to camp because of his mission to deter the walkers. When is Rick going to learn sometimes you have to abandon the mission for a greater purpose?

Sasha and Abraham were no fans of Daryl, and Rick was ambushed by multiple members of the Wolves clan, which left Daryl on edge. Rick being the beast that he is violently took out both of his attackers, just as he found a jar of baby food in one of his attacker’s pocket. It soon became apparent that he was surrounded by the Wolves and he violently shot at them.

Michionne and her remaining survivors were left speechless as they entered Alexandria. Daryl met back up with Sasha and Abraham as they continued to leads the walkers away. Rick panicked as he did his best to start-up the trailer, but movement was not imminent. I’ve never seen this character panic, just as walkers closed in around him.

The episode started with a focus of about 15 characters, but in the end only 7 of them surviving. This was a gut-wrenching episode, so here is to hoping that next week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” decreases the level of bloodshed and explains precisely what happened to Glenn!