HOLLYWOOD—I’m loving the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” right now; so much is happening and so many surprises are being delivered left and right it is must see TV for soap fanatics. Everyone has been chatting about the surprise return of Will Horton from beyond the grave, but an even bigger story and an important one on top of that is the shooting of Theo at the hands of JJ. Yes, this was so out of left field, but the utter chaos and drama that has transpired as a result is gargantuan.

For starters, JJ has been riddled with guilt and it has been massive. I said it before and after this past week, you need to pencil in Casey Moss as a candidate for the Outstanding Younger Actor in a Daytime Drama category, because his work has been exceptional. I mean after being cleared from Internal Affairs for shooting JJ, the guilt left him in awe. His family was happy, but Abe was not pleased to say the least. He was vicious, hateful and downright livid. And rightfully so, his son is fighting for his life in a hospital bed to say the least.

That led to JJ considering the unthinkable: committing suicide. This is something not seen often on daytime television, so it was a nice direction to see the soap willing to tackle such a heavy issue. The flashbacks, the letters, the emotional weight JJ grappled with; I mean all signs pointed to him actually committing the deed to say the least. However, an angel in darkness showed up to save JJ: Gabi. Gabi was well aware something was off with her former flame and as a result, she talked her pal out of doing something that would cause more harm and hurt than he ever expected. She stayed the night with her pal, but there were unexpected consequences as a result. Why?

Lani saw the two in bed and suspected the worse, which led to Lani and Eli hooking up! Yeah, the writers have been teasing this for a while, and to be honest the chemistry with Eli and Lani is much stronger. As a result, these two have committed an unforgivable deed that they are now keeping secret from their supposed lovers. Well, technically Lani and JJ weren’t together, but Gabi and Eli certainly are. There will be plenty of fallout from this tryst people.

However, the glorious news of the hour is Abe’s ability to forgive delivered him a miracle he never expected: Theo has awakened. So with Theo back on the mend, it will be interesting to see what dynamic plays out with Theo, JJ, Lani, Eli, Gabi, Abe, Jenn, Claire and Ciara. Speaking of Claire and Ciara, those two are like fighting dogs, and at this point it’s very annoying, but Ciara might serve a bigger purpose, with her knowledge about Rafe and Sami sleeping together. Yes, that is right people, Ciara knows what Rafe did, and Hope has absolutely no idea. With Ciara a scorned bad girl, there is no telling what she will do with this ammunition at her fingertips.

Rafe may suspect his secret tryst with Sami is long gone, but it is about to come back to haunt him in ways that he never expected, and big ones to say the least. To make matters worse, it looks like Kate might get away with murder yet again, even though Chad knows what she did, the truth of her involvement in Theo’s shooting. It looks like Andre might use this information to his advantage to woo Kate to do his bidding. Oh, a familiar face is about to return with some news that is about to take the DiMera clan for a major surprise people.

Some other vital news is the revelation that Will is moving in with Sonny, but Will still seems to have a torch for Paul. It looks like lust is working against Will and he is certain to do something that is going to haunt Sonny and Paul way longer than we ever can imagine. Surprise hookups are also in play for Eve and Brady who shared a kiss as it is imperative that she is falling into the clutches of Brady and Victor’s latest ploy to take her down. There is one thing I have to say about “Days of Our Lives,” they sure know HOW TO DELIVER a stunner in the New Year, and I expect nothing less for 2018. Rumor has it a BIG MURDER is about to transpire, we saw the Salem Stalker cause havoc years ago, could we see a similar storyline yet again?