HELLO AMERICA!—This is a time in our country when everyone around you seem to test how awake you are.  Mainly because they are hungry to survive.  People with a pleasant smile and voice wearing a glowing welcoming smile are colorful copies of some of the comic book villains waiting to control every move you make.  Whatever they are selling is claimed to be a panacea for all of your problems in life. Not true!

Since the “virus” invasion, I have received calls from nearly every major city in America offering all sorts of magic moves that will make my life safe and full of financial success, all of it stemming from people who are struggling to survive themselves.  I am quite sure the same thing happened during the big 1929 crash. The world suffered; everyone had the magic answers for the return to success and a life of plenty.  Fortunately, we had Franklin D. Roosevelt to shake some sense of reality to the hard-working class people of our nation.  The WPA, rebuilding roads, railroads, and all of the other doors of survival that was available to the PEOPLE.  We were able to see and feel the truth and reality in survival and not give up or look for the closest window from which to jump.

Observing thousands of people without masks, as if it is simply another day in the park, have resulted in thousands of people’s deaths. When I remember the realities of what Americans were forced to face during World War II, with sirens and blackouts and all the other things war forces one to face, I suddenly realize how spoiled we have become.

New York producers are sending messages concerning “virtual” performances of their shows and plays, promising a magical experience. Of course, tons of actors and performers will try almost anything for an opportunity to show the world that they are and how much talent they have.  It has always been that way in our business.

As for film, tons of young people refuse to allow the virus to interfere with filming their projects many USC and UCLA cinema grads and some students are not allowing the virus to postpone their film projects.  They are simply restaging scenes and cleverly utilizing film angles in presenting the necessary photo affect. Evidently, it is a technique that works because TV soaps are effectively doing the same thing.  “The Young and the Restless” is utilizing this distancing, and it works beautifully.

For radio broadcasting, it is obviously much easier. The studios have glass screens to separate guests from the host of the show.  It works beautifully.  Frankly, I wish we had that kind of setup when I was co-hosting a daily radio show at KDIA in San Francisco.  There were some guests that I wished we had been separated by a wall of screen of glass. I was thinking that this virus situation is forcing us to come up with different ways of communicating with each other.  We complain at first, but suddenly, we find a way of making it all work in a positive way.  After all, human beings are adaptable; it has always been that way.

I recently took my first vaccine shot for the virus and I sat there in the chair waiting for the worst. When the nurse approached me, I winced a bit because I have always hated the idea of needles; she said “hello” and indicated how good it is that I was taking the shot, and she was looking forward to others following in my footsteps.  I suddenly felt a slight pressure on my arm, no pain, nothing, and the nurse said, “Ok, Mr. St. John, that’s it. You should get your second shot in 30 days.” It was over. Simple as that.

Let’s face it, folks, we are destined to face many things in our life of survival.  It has always been that way down through human history.  We do it because it is the nature of the beast.

I appreciate all the concern coming out of Atlanta, Georgia, informing me that the city’s door is always open for me to move to that great city, because so many positive things are occurring there, as far as motion pictures and television.  I was very moved by the concern and support from that city.  It seldom happens that way today.  So, folks, I am slowly piecing myself back to normal once again. It’s not easy, but it is happening, that’s the important thing. With all the love and support from so many people around the country, the right thing will happen. It’s written in the wind.