HOLLYWOOD—It’s hard to fathom how you can hate a character one minute and then absolutely love them the next. I’ll tell you how that is; it’s a testament to fine writing people. “The Bold and the Beautiful” has found a way to redeem the villainess known as Quinn Fuller. Yes, Quinn has done some hateful, spiteful and downright evil things, but the way that she has been treated by Ridge, Steffy and the rest of the Forrester clan is frankly appalling people.

Steffy has returned to her bratty roots yet again, and she is so frustrating to watch. She is a character that I’ve never been fond of because she never grows in my personal opinion. She always resorts to that behavior that has gotten her her way time and time again. Ridge, is so driven with power that he has no idea what to do, and ensures to wield it every chance he gets in front of Quinn. Yes, Ridge, Eric and Quinn might not technically be married in the legal sphere; there is no arguing that legal document that Carter disclosed showcasing that Quinn has Power of Attorney over Eric’s health and all his business matters.

While father and daughter weaved a web to everyone making them think all is well, Carter is not too keen with keeping the secret, and Wyatt has learned about this game-changing information from his wife Steffy. Yeah, Steffy is now graveling at Wyatt’s feet to keep this secret from surfacing, yet, just a few weeks ago, he had to gravel at her feet to not end their marriage because of Quinn and Eric’s relationship. And for once, Wyatt showed that his loyalty to his mother is more important than his wife who has left him out in the cold on more than one occasion people.

That was just the beginning of a whirlwind of events, as Quinn begged Ridge to see Eric. Feeling guilty over the secrets that he has been keeping, Ridge allowed Quinn to see Eric which was vital, because it was her words that led to Eric awakening. Yes, it was a truly heart-warming moment, even I will admit that and I’m not a hopeless romantic people.

Too bad only Quinn witnessed this miracle event, and Ridge wielded his prowess, but not before Wyatt intervened to drop the bombshell that Ridge is not the Power of Attorney of Eric’s estate, its Quinn. Man, seeing that moment was priceless because Ridge had the most stupid look on his face, and Quinn was literally stunned. So things are looking good for Quinn, but unfortunately for Wyatt, his decision to inform Quinn of the truth may have been the dagger that ended his marriage between Steffy. Let’s be honest people, Steffy has been wanting out of this marriage ever since Liam returned back to town. Too bad Ivy is also in the mix, and now she is chasing after Liam’s affections. Yes, love is a complicated thing people.

The big question of the hour is what Quinn will do with this newfound information, will she unleash havoc on Ridge, Steffy and the rest of the Forrester clan for what they did to her. Time would tell, but it would be epic to see Quinn turn the other cheek and not engage in similar tactics that were used against her. With Eric now awake, the big question of the hour that remains is what chaos will erupt if Brooke and Bill actually make it down the aisle and she gets her hands on those shares giving Ridge the power to overthrow Eric from his power position? November sweeps are coming people, so I expect some very riveting things to take place on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”