HOLLYWOOD—I know you all do not want to hear it, but we have to discuss what is unfolding on the soap, “The Bold and the Beautiful.” This has to be one of the worst May Sweeps the soap opera has had in years. I mean, there has been no explosive secrets, no actual drama, simply put: I am bored. There is nothing going on, that is the best way to describe the soap opera right now.

The big focus is Hope developing feelings for Thomas Forrester. Yes, that Thomas Forrester, the same guy who has been obsessed with her for years. Who has stalked her? Who kept her daughter from her? Who manipulated his son to keep his secrets? Who was schmoozing another woman, while pining after Hope? Who called Child Protective Services on himself? Shall I continue?

The problem with this entire storyline is that it seemed to come out of nowhere. There was no slow development for the budding romance or obsession depending on who you talk to. Thomas is so reformed that’s what we keep hearing from Steffy, Taylor and Ridge! Of course you three have to say that, he’s blood, but c’mon, if anyone in their right mind would have called CPS making a false claim in real life they would lose their parental rights. Not Thomas, he got scolded, booted from Forrester Creations for like 5 seconds before he was allowed to come back because Hope’s fashion line was on the brink of extinction.

That is the problem with so many soap operas; they don’t force their characters to face the music for their misdeeds. You have to have some semblance of real life and consequences to connect with the viewer. A character cannot commit murder and get a free pass because it doesn’t happen in real life people. With all that digression, Hope has not been able to hide her feelings. Steffy spotted it first and then Brooke. Brooke confronted her daughter and Hope in a rage blurted out the truth and it left Brooke stunned.

Once those words were unleashed Hope could not take them out and she attempted to do so. In a moment of shock, Hope said some wicked, but truthful things about Thomas that he overheard. She pleaded her case to Thomas that she didn’t mean it, but in doing so she only opened up a dangerous door. Hope has been fantasizing about Thomas for weeks. She even flirted with him and Steffy spilled that tea to Finn who misunderstood. That prompted Thomas to spill to Taylor, who is about to go to war again about her son. Look Taylor, open your eyes, your son has committed some heinous deeds and even though he is moving towards a positive route, you cannot ignore that past. It is dangerous to do so.

Will the writers give Dr. Finn something to do? Gosh, he feels like the most useless character on the soap, which is an absolute shame. This character should have some sort of purpose and he doesn’t. He pops in when Steffy wants to talk. I mean his mother is Sheila Carter; you’d think that would put him in the driver seat of some absolute amazing drama, but nope. Sheila is behind bars, threatening and planning her escape and no one believes here. When something with this narrative happens, let me know people.

Back to Thomas and Hope, who got stranded in San Francisco and almost kissed. Thomas cannot be this aloof to what is happening, but this week after talking to Taylor, he FINALLY connected the dots and the fact that Hope might be truly into him. He shared with Taylor Hope and Brooke’s thoughts about him and that caused friction between the frenemies turned friends. I mean I love that Taylor and Brooke have become pals, but Taylor cannot expect Brooke to forget all the devious things Thomas has done to her, most recently the CPS call and the champagne debacle courtesy of Sheila. FYI, Brooke still has no idea Thomas knew for months and said nothing.

Thomas can say he’s changed, but when a person does the exact same thing multiple times, it is hard to trust their word. It is that simple. It was a treat for Steffy to FINALLY clue Liam that HOPE is the one who might have feelings for Thomas, which threw the Spencer for a loop. Liam couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but considering Hope’s actions as of late to overcompensate with passionate love making and affectionate, Liam was aware something was off.

My biggest concern is if the writers do take this route of Hope cheating on Liam with Thomas, his mortal enemy the fallout will be chaotic, but it leaves the question what happens next? I don’t see Liam just disappearing and if anything, you will have Brooke, Liam, Wyatt and Bill Spencer livid at the turn of events. We might get to see Dollar Bill up to his wicked tricks to punish Thomas for blowing up his son’s marriage and I would welcome that. At the same time, a custody battle might erupt between Liam and Hope and that would be damn fascinating to see unfold. Two lovers turned enemies that is what many could call great TV.


Photo credit goes to Charlota Blunarova from https://couponsnake.com/