HOLLYWOOD—Yeah, I knew Thomas Forrester was coming back on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” but I’m not sure if his news is a trick or treat. Thomas and Douglas surprised everyone when they returned to Los Angeles and showed up to Forrester Creations. Hope was ecstatic to see Thomas until he realized Paris was with him and wearing an engagement ring.

Yeah, “B&B” fans, Thomas and Paris are engaged, and it feels like just three months ago he was professing his love to Hope and proposed to her not once, but twice. So why the quick change? I don’t know, but it feels like Thomas is trying to seriously move on with his life and realizes that Hope is never going to love him the same way that she loved Liam.

The writing on the soap did concern me with the realization that Douglas was already calling Paris ‘Mom.’ Like seriously, Thomas hasn’t been with this woman a year or longer, I do recall Paris having like a ‘crush’ on Thomas the last time I recall her being on the show, but she didn’t seem to ever make a move on him. Also, shouldn’t Paris be concerned about what Thomas did to his sister Zoe? I mean he was ready to marry her in hopes of making Hope jealous.

Thomas’ record is one that should concern Paris, as it has Hope flippant. She is mad, anxious and a bit of a mess. Just two weeks ago, you were fantasizing about kissing Finn, now you’re back on the Thomas train. To be honest, I think Hope should just be single for a period of time. She needs to figure out what she wants in her life because it is a mess.

Not to mention she is constantly bumping heads with Steffy who is not only forbidding Finn from interacting with Hope, but trying to shield Thomas from Hope. Yeah Steffy, you’re doing a bit too much and I need you to step back a bit. It is getting to the point now, where Steffy Forrester is annoying me as a character on the soap.

Thomas doesn’t seem swayed by Hope’s declarations at the moment, but the audience knows this friction will only build up as Thomas and Paris near the big wedding date. With that said, a murder mystery has kicked off on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” but pause America because it is NO BIG DEATH! Jeez, when is “B&B” going to kill off a major character. It feels like the soap is always afraid to take a leap like “Days of Our Lives” or “General Hospital” who aren’t afraid to kill off major players to help propel a narrative. The person who has met his maker is Tom. Yeah, the guy who helped Sheila escape from Sugar’s clutches.

This just boggled my mind because it was like the writers were trying to get rid of the character ASAP. I mean all of a sudden he has connection to Poppy. Tom declared that Luna was his daughter with Poppy, not Bill Spencer. I always suspected someone else was Luna’s father. Bill just seemed too easy and to go from you’re ‘definitely’ not the father, to you being the father just felt off.

Bill is on cloud nine, so is Luna, and Poppy as we just witnessed with Tom is a swindler like Li pointed out. The question is who was wearing black gloves that toyed with Tom’s special drink before his musical performance at Deacon’s restaurant. I found it very strange that Jack, Li’s ex-husband and Finn’s dad, Justin Spears, Bill’s right-hand man, and Li all suddenly showed up to this concert. Look, Poppy can’t be the person that led to Tom’s demise, it is too obvious and easy.

It could be Sheila because she did threaten him after he bad-mouthed her to Deacon. What got damn reason would Justin have to take out Tom, same with Li? I don’t see her protecting her sister from her horrid past, the only person I can think of is Jack. Why? I think Jack is Luna’s father, and Poppy is definitely afraid how Li will respond to learning that her hubby slept with his sister and that Finn and Luna are actually brother and sister and not cousins. I’ll see how this plays out, if the writers are able to leave me speechless I will be happy, but I will not hold my breathe, we shall see “B&B” fans.