HOLLYWOOD—Talk about some serious wars gearing up on “The Young and the Restless.” I mean Victor and Jack, that is a decades old war that has led to all sorts of chaos, if not a death or two. Has Victor forgotten that Colleen, Traci’s daughter was a casualty in his war with Jack? One would think Victor would just let the rivalry go and just live his life. Nope. He is still livid about Jack popping pills with Nikki causing her bender to get worse with Jack nearly dying, but it was indeed a wakeup call for Nikki who actually got the HELP that she needed.

Jack was Nikki’s sponsor; her shoulder and that rational voice to help her overcome a struggle when alcohol tempted her. Victor has been quietly plotting Jack’s demise from behind the scenes, but he may have let the cat out the bag. How? Michael who is one minute Victor’s closest confidant, but the next minute, he can be his worst enemy. Michael warned Diane that he suspected Victor might be up to no good and it could involve Diane and Jack’s son, Kyle.

Kyle is an interesting character, one minute you think he has matured, the next minute you realize he is a man, but there is still a petulant and spoiled brat that happens to be a little boy in his body. Kyle was constantly undermining dear ole mom at Jabot that led to Diane giving him his walking papers. Yup, Diane fired her son. Kyle was pissed, Jack was not pleased, but backed Diane fully pushing Kyle to do what he normally does when feels betrayed: going to Victor Newman.

Victor delivered a proposal earlier that Kyle choose to ignore, but without a job what would he do. He went back to Victor to help run Glissade alongside Audra of all people. Audra and Kyle have a tenuous history one that concerns Summer. Summer is not happy Kyle might be working with Audra again, so much to the point that she is considering a custody battle over Harrison. Yeah, things could become very messy, very soon.

At least we know Audra is not planning to pounce on Kyle because she finally shared a spicy kiss with Nate. These two have undeniable chemistry and have been dancing around each other for months so it is nice to see. Kyle is going to try to one-up Audra to take control of Glissade from her, which raises the question, how will she respond? Victor wants his involvement in the company to stay a top secret, but Jack and Diane might already be onto him and confronted Kyle about his new job. Let the tension begin.

In another war, Chancellor-Winters is a mess. I seriously thought Devon, Nate and Lily were aligned, but it feels like Lily is more aligned with Billy and Jill. If that is the case that is the second family member that has betrayed Devon next to Nate. I can understand Devon having trust issues after what Nate did, and with Lily they have a contentious relationship because hell she was responsible for that crash that killed Hilary and his unborn son. That is a difficult pill to swallow, but he has done his best and I feel he has truly forgiven his sister.

Lily on the other hand, she is truly over Devon and his antics, or she is acting her ass off because she has me convinced, she can be a double agent for both sides. Chance, Billy and Jill on one side, Mamie, Devon and Nate on the other side, with Lily in the middle. I know you might be asking about Abby. Abby is just there, how Devon even made her a board member I still don’t understand. The main goal for both parties is to de-merge the two companies.

Chancellor becomes its own entity and Hamilton-Winters becomes its own entity. I’m ok with that, I will find it odd if Lily does side with Billy, but with what is happening with Chelsea and Adam it is obvious that Billy and Lily will become an item again. Mamie has warned Devon to be careful pushing family away because when he needs them, he won’t have them in his orbit.

Yes, Chelsea and Adam are dealing with a serious crisis with Connor so much, so they have not only gotten closer by sharing a kiss but hitting the sheets. Yeah, I expected this might transpire, which means Sally is going to be heartbroken, especially considering she has argued her undeniable trust in Adam. It totally sucks because I like Sally and Adam and I wonder what this turn of events will mean for the character.

Sharon, she is starting to unravel a bit and concerns about her meds are coming into question by Mariah and Nick and Sharon herself. She has been reminiscing about her late daughter, Cassie a lot lately and now she is dealing with flashbacks of situations that ultimately led to Cassie’s death and you know who part of that, Daniel.

I forgot Daniel slightly played a role in Cassie’s death. While completely an accident, I fear Sharon might begin to blame Daniel and it could turn into a situation where lives are put in risk. I am glad to see Sharon back in the mix with a meaty storyline because the character had been underutilized and she is a notable presence on the soap that should never be in the background.

In the romance realm, Traci and Alan shared a kiss, I’m sorry I think that is Alan’s twisted brother Martin. Something just feels off there. Kyle and Claire had their first ‘date’ and it was apparent Claire was giddy and I think Kyle was as well. Lots of movement on “Y&R” America and I am intrigued for the first time in a long time.