HOLLYWOOD—The familiar faces just keep on popping up on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” First, we had Sheila return to the canvas in June, and this week Eric’s first true heir, Thorne Forrester returned to his original staple ground. Thorne, who has been played by the great Winsor Harmon has been recast with a new face! Yes, I’m afraid it is true “B&B” fans. However, I think this is a very interesting casting choice to saw the least with “General Hospital” alum Ingo Rademacher tackling the role.

Ingo is indeed a well-known name and he brings a charisma, and authority to a character, who I believe has been lacking for years. Thorne has always been that Forrester who has storylines here and there, but nothing ever major enough for audiences to really salivate and get thrown into a tizzy about. We last saw Thorne as he attempted to reason with his father about his marriage to villainess Quinn Fuller.

No matter how reformed the writers attempt to make this lady, Quinn is Quinn; she will never change, she is just good at putting on a façade people that’s all. Look at how she has cozied up to Pam? One would never expect it, but both have questionable backgrounds. That makes me want to slap Quinn Fuller over the head that much more. That woman’s delusions are grandeur than you could ever imagine.

With Thorne back in town, I’m certain he’ll be clued into all the shenanigans involving, Quinn, Eric, Sheila and Ridge, and Thorne will not be happy to learn that his brother is responsible for almost ending his father’s marriage. Those two have always had a tiff and if the rumors circulating the internet have any truth, that rivalry is about to heat up to new heights. Why? Thorne has his eyes on Brooke! Yes, this is a pairing I never imagined in a million years, and for Brooke to have 3 guys pining after her: Bill, Ridge and Thorne, she will be overwhelmed with temptation.

Rather Thorne is able to woo Brooke away from her one true love is yet to be seen, but this will indeed make for a dynamic shift for the soap who is finally giving an underused character the opportunity to shine in a major way. One interesting facet is Brooke seems smitten by Thorne; having a familiar face back in town helps, not to consider she has been brutally betrayed by the two men who she thought loved her dearly. Thorne to be honest couldn’t have picked a better time to return home.

By now many of you have heard that the role of Hope Logan has been recast with Annika Noelle. This is big news for “B&B” fans that last saw Hope Logan played by actress Kim Matula in 2014. Hope has always been the one true love for Liam Spencer, and with the Steffy and Bill tryst soon to surface, Hope’s return will be welcome timing.

Well, that depends. Could we see Hope reunite with Liam or Liam reunite with Sally? My gut is telling Hope is more likely to cause trouble for Wyatt and Katie. I mean Wyatt has had his share of ladies since Hope: Steffy, Ivy and now Katie. Rumors has it that Hope is set to return to Los Angeles just in times for February sweeps so that should be interesting America. There is nothing like a familiar face or character to cause a bit of madness.