HELLO AMERICA!─Whenever a new obviously gifted host appears on the tube it is, without doubt, one of the most exhilarating hours ever as a viewer. Tiffiny Cross is the woman to keep an eye on, that’s for sure; she handles anyone she interviews as if they are students of hers, no matter who they are!  No one better could have, or should have been selected as a guest host for Joy Reid. She doesn’t hesitate how she feels about the current president in the White House. “I’m so tired of this president spitting in our face and trying to convince us it’s raining.”

Cross continues to maintain that she is disturbed when Trump claims that more white people than blacks die at the hands of police.  “We know that there’s systemic racism in law enforcement,” she compared the “Make America Great Again” hat favored by the president supporters to “the Klan hood.”  She continues to explode with, “I believe this is something that his supporters and we have to start calling them his supporters racists as well.” She added, “That MAGA hat – that symbol has come to represent something. It is the new NAZI symbol. It is the new hood, the KLAN HOOD.”

It is very exciting when a potentially exciting new artist makes his or her debut in the arts. Sal Scorza who has been recognized for many years as one of the publishing world’s gifted illustrators is releasing some of his latest drawings representing his perceptions of our existence today. His explosive interpretation of the Black Madonna and telling painful vision of victim George Floyd are future treasures to behold. The artist believes everything happens for a reason i.e. wars, love affairs, assassinations, or even bad marriages; it forces one to come to terms with reality with its mystifying twists and turns. Hopefully, we are left with a tolerable better understanding of human life itself.

It was extremely sad to hear about the passing of long-time Regis Philbin. He photographed President Ronald Reagan several times at his Century City office. Once with Al Michaels the famous Sports Caster. The other time was with Teddy Roosevelt, Great Grandson. He was very nice and very congenial to me.” He quickly added that his time with Dizzy Gillespie after the Grammy Awards show, it was one day that was a major highlight of his life.

He continued with, “The day I graduated from High School I was offered a lifetime deal, a proposal from Carlo Gambino thru one of my uncles, I turned him down. It was a plan to put me in business as an Ad Agency & Design Studio. He had clients waiting for me to open, major corporate names, “I had arranged to be published by HarperCollins,” Scorza explained.” Rupert Murdoch’s company a publication which was the exact book the Federal Government put together. It was a secret file on Organized Crime: MAFIA United States Treasury Department Bureau Of Narcotics. An amazing publication of over 800 Mafioso pictures names of family members sons, daughters, etc., and other gangsters ‘. I was told it was a research source for several Mob movies, including THE IRISHMEN!”

TV host Regis Philbin. During his co-hosting of the Joey Bishop show, Tony Holt who was writing for a Chicago paper and a close friend insisted that I appear on the Allen show together. Regis was his co-host of sorts and we had a great time together. Every so often, we had lunch together at the famed Brown Derby on Vine Street in Hollywood; he always enjoyed exchanging bits about the latest notorious personality gossip trying to make it big in the business. It didn’t take long for Regis to earn himself as a mainstay as a host people enjoyed week after week and later the ABC morning show. He will be missed; Regis was one of a kind, that’s for sure!

I am very excited about appearing on the Thomas Luken Radio Show out of St. Louis, MO. It would be a lot of fun. Luken is a veteran who enjoys talking as much as I do.  His war stories as one of continual survival after the war are worth listening to, so, I have a feeling it will be a battle of stories as well as those of continual survival. So, I have been warned that I should wear the best intellectual armor possible.