UNITED STATES—Well, we all knew the time was coming and with less than 3 months before the presidential election, I’m ready to halt all the mudslinging and get the discussion focused on some serious issues for a change.

I mean the back and forth between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, is exhausting. Can we discuss some things of substance for once, just a week if possible? You can bash an opponent all you want, but if you’re not focusing on those key issues that matter than what’s the point people.

The media is doing a big disservice to the American public by continuously reporting on this farce of a mess. Who cares? Who the hell cares what Donald Trump says about Hillary Clinton and vice versa? Is everyone going to automatically change their opinion about an insult that was directed at one candidate vs. another? No.

People care about FACTS at the end of the day. They care about the hard cold facts and what is going to be done and what plans you’re implementing in place to ensure it happens and what your long terms goals are for this country.

When it comes to politicians, talk is cheap; don’t tell me what you’re going to do, prove it! Present something to me of valid substance that makes me say, hmmm, that could actually happen or at least I can see that taking place of the course of several years. I mean couldn’t believe Donald Trump came to my hometown of Detroit, and practically bashed the city in front of Detroiters yet no one picked up on what he was saying. It was just plain baffling to me. Then a few days later Hillary descends on Detroit and has a discussion with a bunch of autoworkers that frankly had no interest whatsoever in what she had to say.

Strategy is essential at this point in the election. Both political camps need to deliver a clear, cohesive and apparent message to the American public as to not only why they are the best fit for the U.S. Presidency, but what actual change they plan to bring to the economy, health care, national security, education, the housing market and so many other factors that are vital issues to Americans.

Having a strong message for the economy, but a weak message for the housing market does not bode well in my opinion. Please don’t sit in front of a podium and tell me what you’re going to do, I want to know precisely how you plan to do it or to make it come to fruition. That is going to garner my attention way faster than someone who is just saying all the right things you want to hear.

People talk and make promises all the time! I’d hate to elect someone to office, who promises me the world, yet when it comes down to the issues at hand time after time nothing is getting done or nothing gets done. In the end result, you’re the one that looks like the fool, not the person who you elected into office to represent you.