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The secret federal police.

HELLO AMERICA!─With the death of Congressman John Lewis, one realizes we are witnessing the birth of a new America, along with a new cry of those around the globe who are hungering for acknowledgement and respect as human beings.

The coronavirus has opened the hidden doors of bigotry, and ignorance that has been cleverly hidden for many decades, which would have supported laws limiting the support of education for all, housing, and even employment in most businesses.

Producer Richard Neal is currently developing a documentary dealing with the so-called enemy of this country, and how, and why, based on the election of Donald Trump, it has made it easy for the old America of bigotry to take rise again.

Viewing the actions of the Gestapo type police in Portland, Oregon was shocking. Scenes of unmarked cars with totally masked men jumping from the cars, pulling in tons of young and old people inside to be arrested. It was so similar as a youngster watching newsreels during the Second World War of the Nazis doing the same treatment to those believed to Jewish. The only difference was they arrested those believed Jewish in their homes. With the kind of thinking, President Trump seems to be driven towards what resembles the horrors of that period.

Finally, white, black, Asian, as well as Latin Americans realize what the game is. As a result, they are closing forces to make sure that every qualified citizen receives his or her right to vote. This, of course, is something that the president is fearful of, and pulling anything, or everything from his bag of tricks to prevent this American right for every citizen.

At the end of the World War II, Swarthmore High School, where I attended, arranged for a young German boy, Horace Hurt, to come and study with us in Pennsylvania for a year. It was quite an experience for all of us; he painted a horror picture of being one of Hitler’s children. It was terrifying and many of us experienced nightmares based on his stories.

To have this kind of sick, brutalizing mentality at the head of our nation is terrifying. November 3 will give millions of American an opportunity to keep alive what we really are in this America, where millions of people from around the globe sought a place for freedom, a place where they were respected as human beings, where their families could go to sleep at night without the fear of someone crashing through the door to take them off to a concentration camp, ultimately death!

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