HOLLYWOOD—I feel like the CBS soaps “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “The Young and the Restless” are currently working in tandem. I mean they are both soaps notorious for NOT wanting to kill of characters. I mean I’ll be honest that last time I recall a character dying on either soap since 2022, was quite a bit of time ago, major players anyone.

In the month of April, “The Bold and the Beautiful” killed of newbie Dr. John Finnegan, a character that finally helped Steffy Forrester escape that dreaded love triangle with Liam and Hope. That is a whole other column people that is all I can say. Well, “Y&R” seems to be following the same trend with a tragedy that takes away a character that I was surprised to see exit.

Well, “Y&R” loves car crashes people; I cannot tell you many times a car crash has led to utter chaos or someone being killed. Well, there is a bit of déjà vu that is about to be experienced for Sharon as her husband Rey was involved in a car crash this week with Victoria Newman. Yes, Rey, Chelsea and Connor were headed to a hockey game when Rey forgot the tickets and had to turn back around to get them. Fog was in the region and Rey collided with Victoria who was trying to escape her duplicitous hubby Ashland Locke. We’ll talk more about that later.

The crash is causing ripple effects, as Victoria has to deal with the guilt that she is indeed responsible for the demise of her sister-in-law’s lover, while grappling with the fact that her treacherous husband just saved her life. Talk about a catch-22. What was worse was the damn send off for Rey’s character. He just died after Ashland got to the vehicle. I mean he couldn’t even have a farewell at the hospital where his love, Sharon could be by his side. “Y&R” could have done so much better people with that exit of a character who has been around since Sharon’s last lover Dylan McAvoy left for the witness protection program.

This is utterly heartbreaking for Sharon, who lost Cassie as a result of a car crash years ago, and now her husband. Yes, it is a bummer to see Jordi Villauso exit the role, but the writer’s haven’t known what to do with Rey and Sharon for quite some time after her cancer storyline. It is terrible when a soap opera has so many characters, but nothing is being written for them. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THE SAME CHARACTERS ON THE TV SCREEN FIVE DAYS A WEEK PEOPLE!

So “Y&R” is pulling the plug on Sharon and Rey to potentially lead to a Sharon and Nick reunion down the line. We already know Nick will be her rock during this difficult time, it will NOT happen right away, but it will indeed happen. This also makes me question if we’ll see a reunion between Chelsea and Adam. It was clear as night and day that Chelsea had a torch for Rey and with him out the picture, I haven’t a clue what the writers are planning considering that Adam is with Sally and their chemistry is smoking hot people. I don’t want to see Chelsea and Adam back together. Prepare for tears because they are coming to Genoa City people.

In other GC news, Mariah and Tessa are planning to get married on Friday, May 13! Yeah, that cannot be a coincidence and something is telling me major and I mean major danger is headed in the direction of Mariah and Tessa, but I’m not sure what, and with Rey meeting the Grim Reaper soon, it think Mariah and Tessa’s wedding will be on ice or something crazy is bound to happen. Nick and Sharon are stressed, but I hate to say it this car crash is vital for Joshua Morrow’s character, who hasn’t had a storyline in quite some time people. He needs something and it’s about damn time.

Adam, Sally, Victor, Nikki and Victoria cornered Ashland with a deal that was too good to pass up, to the tune of $500 million. Ashland signed the paperwork, which set the events leading up to that crash as Victoria aired her grievances and stormed to get away from her husband, with a decision that will haunt her life for years to come.

With that said, the big drama is the return of Diane Jenkins to GC and the Abbott family is not pleased. Ashley is furious, Traci is not happy, Billy is peeved (but when is he not), but not more than Jack and Phyllis. I will admit seeing Phyllis and her nemesis Diane bicker is delicious TV, just as Jack continues to read the riot act to his former lover and the mother of his son Kyle.

Diane is NOT back in GC to just reunite with Kyle Abbott, she is up to something bigger and I have no clue what it is, but she is keeping tabs on Newman Enterprises people, so take that as you will. Jack and Phyllis are maneuvering how to best deal with Diane so she doesn’t drop a bomb on Kyle who may not be ready to come to the realization his mother let him think she was dead for all these years and for what? Kyle is about to be floored when he comes face-to-face with mom, as will Diane’s other nemesis Nikki Abbott.

I’ll be honest Nikki needs something because the character has almost become disposable in my eyes as of late with NOT much to do at all, and when you have an iconic character like Diane Jenkins portrayed by the one and only Susan Walters, it just heightens the drama people and soap fans love that. However, the dalliance between Ashland and Victoria will be interesting now that he saved her life and her family will soon learn that at the cost of Rey’s life. “Y&R” is indeed getting interesting as we near May sweeps people!