HELLO AMERICA!—After much thought and viewing daily reports of the ‘Trump White House’ and cast, without a doubt, the process must be listed as a mad-mad comedy of errors focused on a group of unconscionable miscreants who have no determination, except filling their already stuffed pockets of rewards absconded from hard working, naive middle class citizens. Of course, with their sickening cry of “Let’s Make America Great Again” makes one hear the sound of slave ships, black shackled African men and women, locked to a bar keeping the body ship in float until landing on the so-called new world of freedom!

Think of all the films made displaying this very scene of man’s inhumanity to man with the critical reaction from film critics sitting in their respective news offices evaluating what they viewed was a classic film artistic statement. None of these people, producers or studios understood how this cinematic display might affect millions of young black offspring, as well as those under the hammer of prejudice and ignorance, while struggling as law abiding people, determined to become a positive force along with others in a nation, supposedly representing humanity, love, justice, all the things many of their ancestors expected to find when forced to leave Europe and other countries experiencing conditions of wide disrespect, based on their religious and independent perceptions of who they were as human beings.

Remembering the headlines, films, photos of what was happening in Germany during the 1930s when Hitler, along with his crucifying gang stormed through Germany imprisoning, killing, destroying those who were suspected of opposing his way of thinking, and organizing innocent young German children, eventually recognized as “Hitler’s Children,” programmed to turn in anyone, even members of their own family, who might disagree with the philosophy of the so called Gestapo.

Yes, it is deeply, disturbing, and psychologically painful to witness a president of the United States who seems to be determined to return to a time of infamy, hate, racists, division, turning a HOUSE of hope to one which might symbolize his superiority and birthright to govern the destiny not only of America but the world as well. This without a doubt is horrifying. The president, with all of his so-called advantaged education, appears to have no idea or concept why the Civil War was fought, and the results and changes which it brought about making this a nation of free people, human beings.

A nation representing hope and freedom, men and women restricted by iron chains, forced to work in cotton fields, entering a room with a bowed head, recognized less than human being, even less than the pet animal dog of the house, the master treasured more than any other possession. My grandmother who was born in the 1890s in Georgia related horror stories which still disturb my emotions to tears. During the late1930s, at the age of six years old, when visiting relatives in Georgia, I was forced me to see a Black man hanging from a tree in the woods not far from the family residence; the image still racks my entire soul believing that we still are capable of levering such horror at each other.

Yet, with a man such as Donald Trump occupying The White House, the obvious view of people, men, women and children are simply there to do his bidding. After all, Trump was born rich, went to the best school, good with words, understands better than anyone else what our country and people need to survive. He easily reminds us all, he represents a superior race. HOW SAD!

Unfortunately, he is supported by a very uneducated rural group of hard working, basic class of Americans who refuse to realize or understand the effect of what Trump is doing to their survival. He is adding very little or nothing which might make life much better or tolerant. Instead, our neighbors are at war with each other, people of color are in constant battle with those in power, the police are the enemy, ready to use whatever force to establish their position of authority and our boarders are constantly being the focal point of discontent affecting the lives of thousands of innocent women and children attempting to reach the once recognized land of freedom and hope.

Trump, however, sees them only as an impediment to his plan of control. It is unbelievable to view on the daily news when reporters interview those from various parts of the country, regular, obviously average folks when questioned if they are supporters of the president, they quickly and easily identify with his thinking. They seem to be totally unaware they are supporting something and someone against their own best interest! If, and when films are produced based on this era in our country, it will not be a comedy as some project, but definitely a tragedy.